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road tripping

so jess and i have spent almost two weeks in new zealand so far. we’ve not had enough time to get down to the south island (which EVERYONE says we need to see!) but we’ve traveled all over north island in our trusty rental car. we make up our own games to pass the time as the miles (oops, kilometers!) roll by. well, jess drives, i navigate. we’ve got it down to a science. well, most of the time. but isn’t getting lost just a fun way of taking the scenic route?

road trip new zealand!

speaking of scenery, most of new zealand consists of rolling hills and lots and lots of sheep:

the hills are alive... with sheep!

but we also came across lots of mother nature’s beauty, like the wai-o-tapu scenic preserve:

wai-o-tapu, new zealand
wai-o-tapu, new zealand

we stopped to enjoy the polynesian spa in rotorua with its natural hot spring pools:

polynesian spa @ rotorua hot springs

and while we were in rotorua we made some new friends, like jimmy from “the wall,” a rock climbing gym right below our hostel! jimmy and his friends showed us kiwi hospitality and invited us over for a rack of lamb dinner….

he said we had to have the

after rotorua, we headed down in pursuit of great foods and great wines in the hawke’s bay region. we did an awesome wine tour with a group called grape escapes in napiers.

wine and cheese @ ngatarawa

we tasted many great wines, and by the end of the day we were just silly:

last stop of our wine tour

we’ve gotten to see and do so much here in new zeland, but we’ve always taken the time out of our travels to sit and just appreciate the moment… ahhh, new zeland, it’s been so much fun. we’ll miss you!

mudbrick vineyard, waiheke

we’ve only got a few days left, so we’re heading back up north towards auckland. for now, the road trip continues!

for all of our new zealand pictures, click here.

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2 responses to “road tripping”

  1. Eric says:

    Absolutely amazing!! The grass IS “greener” on da oddah side!! I’m still “in-between-jobs” too… Damn…I shoulda took your advice and continued with the travels…(sigh)…

  2. Wisa says:

    OMG it looks sooo fun!

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