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supersize me

ok so jess and i are not exactly what you’d call obese, but i swear you need to be miniscule to fit in some of the clothes on offer at chatuchak weekend market! today on the skytrain there was a girl with a waist that was literally the size of my thigh. i’m not even kidding. i’m not looking for “you’re not fat!” comments or anything here, but just wanted to give my observations…

Chatuchak weekend market is like the swap meet on crack (i think this was jess’s exact term today) – you can find anything under the sun here, and literally you will be sweating it out under the sun because it’s HOT! we arrived bright and early at 8am when the vendors were still setting up and went up and down the endless rows of vendors all morning, stopping for a bite to eat at lunch before heading back out into the chaos for one more round in the early afternoon. we had said when we were planning for this trip that we wouldn’t be shopping much, but you really can’t help it here. things are so inexpensive and everything in our suitcases starts to look old after you’ve worn it five or six times. my plan is to take out one item for each new item i buy, so that i’m editing down to things that i really love. we’ll see how that goes. =) today we both got a few things that we really wanted and/or needed, and didn’t go too far overboard (it helps when nothing fits – we’re limited to accessories for the most part! haha). the market only happens on saturdays and sundays, but we know we can always come back if there was anything we find that we just can’t live without. we’ll be here til mid-april, after all…

after the market we headed to hua lamphong railway station to book our trip to chiang mai. with the help of our new friend “jimmee” in the thailand tourism office (our unofficial travel agent from chiang mai!) we are all set with tickets for the government-run “vip sleeper bus” up to chiang mai leaving monday evening. we’ll be staying at a cute little hotel in downtown chiang mai for two nights and jimmee even booked us both a cooking class for wednesday where we get to tour the market to learn about ingredients and then we’ll be making things like spring rolls, green papaya salad, and yellow curry paste! then thursday, we’ll begin our 10 day stay at the monastery… we can’t wait! =)

well it’s been a long, busy day… time to head to bed! i’m happy to report that i’m not sick anymore either, i finished up the last of my antibiotics this morning and i’ve been feeling great all day. thanks for all the well wishes!

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8 responses to “supersize me”

  1. Eric says:

    HOLY COW!!! (Not the size! The pattern! 😉

  2. Mom says:

    I thought it was a Cow print too:)….wish I could see some of those markets…..any cool new ideas?

  3. kimi says:

    That’s what everyone says about the shopping…super cheap, but they won’t have your size! =(

    boo hoo.

    Glad you’re feeling better…i can’t wait for the Chiang Mai updates and the monastery!

  4. christy says:

    i am in love with and completely addicted to your blogs. i’m sad about the shopping though, everyone’s told me that as well, and if you and jess are supersized, then i’m a double supersize! oh well, accessories are always cool and saving money is a good thing 🙂

  5. admin says:

    yeah and honestly, it’s not HOPELESS for finding “normal size” clothes or anything, but at the markets it’s just harder… but even if you go and don’t spend anything, the markets are a trip. jess is a master at bargaining now! =)

  6. Kira Roberts says:

    Tell Jess to teach me her bargaining skills! And Malia, I love love love reading your blogs. I look forward to it everyday. I guess when you’re at the monastery I’ll really miss you.

  7. Laarni says:

    i like the artistry and angle of this photo 🙂 hehehe.

  8. oilwell says:


    Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..

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