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5 days until trip begins and packing list

Here is my long awaited packing list.

Eagle Creek Voyager 65L bag with detachable daypack
North Face Cats Meow 20F sleeping bag
Thermarest Inflatable Mattress
Sierra Lightyear CD tent (already mailed to Australia where I will need it)
Silk sleep liner

5 pairs of smart wool socks
6 pairs of quick dry underwear
Columbia 3 in 1 Vertek Omnitech jacket
2 pair of zip off pants
3 quick dry polo shirts
1 quick dry t-shirt
1 pair of swimming trunks
1 pair of silk long underwear bottoms
1 polypropylene long underwear top
1 polyester knit hat
1 pair of gloves

1 Canon Powershot A85 5 megapixel camera
2.5 GB worth of flash cards for camera
1 512 MB USB key
1 calculator
1 world plug
1 battery charger and 8 rechargeable batteries
1 cellphone and charger

6 months of doxycycline for antimalarial purposes
Lunesta for the long plane flights
Moleskin, sterile gloves, tweezers, scissors, burn ointment, and assorted bandaids and gauze
First aid field gude book
30% DEET bug spray

toothbrush, deoderant, razor with 8 extra blades, alcohol hand wash, shaving cream, pack towel, campsuds, toilet paper

Fiji, Cook Islands, New Zealand Guide books
Undaunted Courage (an account of the Louis and Clark expedition)
LED headlamp
Steripen UV lamp and prefilter
steel cable and locks to secure my bag
30 feet of nylon rope
duct tape

Excluding the clothes that I will be wearing, my pack comes in at about 33 lbs with the tent. The sleeping bag and thermarest mattress have to go on the outside of the pack. Just think Frodo and Sam made it all the way to Modor with little more than a neverending supply of elf toast and bedrolls.

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11 Responses to “5 days until trip begins and packing list”

  1. Jomi Says:

    I love the way you are so detailed, down to brand, type of material, size and what it will be used for. Sounds like you have it covered.

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. Niki Says:

    That’s pretty good packing there for ~33 lbs. At the moment, my pack is at 32 lbs with a few more items of clothes (except for socks and underwear), photo gear, a pair of sandals, 4L water bladder and heavier pack (Osprey Departure 60L). No tent, mummy bag or Thermarest. Speaking of which, where are you planning to camp?

  4. Posted from United States United States
  5. admin Says:

    I will be doing most of my backpacking in New Zealand and in the Australian Outback.

  6. Dogwood Dell Says:

    Be safe on your journey. It appears you have everything & you’re ready to rock.

    If you run across any hobbits or elves, take some photos!

  7. Posted from United States United States
  8. Kristian Says:

    Dude, skip the calculator! Bring your mobile instead (that has a calculator) and buy a sim card wherever you are so your family can call you from Skype and it won’t cost you anything to pick up the phone.

  9. Posted from India India
  10. Gashwin Says:

    Wow it’s happening! My best wishes Barry … I’ll be following along eagelry.

    And yes, do get local sim cards.

    Peace out,


  11. Posted from India India
  12. Gashwin Says:

    That’s *eagerly* 🙂

  13. Posted from India India
  14. Rosemary Says:


    Sounds good so far. I really want to visit Figi one day. I am enjoying your comments, especially the ones for the “touchy feely” people. Take care. Love U

  15. Posted from United States United States
  16. sterile gloves Says:

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  17. Posted from United States United States
  18. Tony Says:

    What did you find you used and did not use on your trip that you could have cut out to save weight?

    What did you pick up that you needed alot that you didn’t start with?

    Thanks for so much detail!

  19. Barry Says:

    Now that my trip is over, I look back and think I did pretty good on my packing list. I used everything that I brought with me. If anything, I could have done with fewer socks and not so many flash cards.

    When I got to cheaper countries in Asia. I picked up another shirt and pair of shorts.
    It really depends on what you are doing and where you are going. I needed technical clothing at the start of my trip (New Zealand especially). I could have bought it when I got there but clothing and other things are much cheaper here in the US. If you are going straight to developing countries and just need cotton clothing, buy it when you get there. If you need techincal gear, I would be careful. In China the techincal fakes are not very good as opposed to Nepal where the knock offs are usually pretty good quality.

    There are stores in those countries that sell the genuine products but they are no cheaper than you would pay at home. They are often more expensive since they are imported.

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