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Being lazy around Easter Island

Friday, March 9th, 2007

My first entry for Easter Island was full of adventure and daring do. On Easter Island there are only so many things to do so it was inevitable that I slow down. Most of Wednesday was spent reading a book at the guesthouse to try to avoid the heat. I did go out and buy some food as I decided to try to “cook” in the kitchen. Food here is 2-3 times more than it is in the US. Restaurants are very expensive. I first found the fruit and vegetable market and bought eight bananas from the back of a truck. The owner of the truck took me to a scale, weighed the bananas, and told me the price $2. He then disappeared. As with everything else I have done here, finding someone to pay is a hassel. I tried to give money to several people who shook their head no. I finally saw the guy back at at the truck and he took the money. I next went to the supermarket and bought bread, mustard, cheese, and hotdogs. My supper for the next three days consisted of bananas and hotdogs which I had to boil hence the “cook” part. Lunches have consisted of chicken and cheese empanadas which are the closest thing to fast food on the island. There is a stand next to a park that sells huge empanadas for about $3. [read on]

Ola de Isla de Pascua (Rapa Nui, Easter Island, The Navel of the World)

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Friday afternoon Tyson came to pick me up and we drove to the New Orleans airport. We checkecd in at the American Airlines counter. They only had record of my ticket to Miami and said I would have to check with LAN in Miami for the rest of my ticket. Needless to say this had me a little worried. All of Tyson´s tickets were available. Our plane left New Orleans at 14:00 and we arrived in Miami. In Miami things got a little interesting. We headed to what we thought was our gate for the flight to Santiago. We soon discovered that this flight was going to Santiago, Dominican Republic not Chile. We were directed to the LAN terminal. After waiting a few hours, someone finally showed up at the ticket counter. We checked in. They had tickets for me but unfortunately it was on the wrong flight. After numerous phone calls in Spanish, the gate attendant got me on the right flight. Tyson also had some trouble. The gate attendant said he should have paper tickets when in fact all the tickets should have been electronic. He was also on the wrong flight. American Airlines had supposedly canceled all connecting flights for some reason. More calls in Spanish resolved this issue. We boarded the right plane and had an uneventful trip to Easter Island. The landing was a little exciting as the plane used a steeper descent path than I was used to (lots of stomach turning drops). We got great view of the island though as we landed. [read on]