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Trip Planning Set Back

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

This is a restoration of the post that was lost during the server crash. All the comments to this post were lost as well as about 120 people off the page view statistics.

I did $5400 worth of damage to my car in a wreck that was my fault As I only have liability insurance, I have to pay for the repairs myself. This is going to take a big chunck out of my trip planning money. I am probably going to have to sell the car to try to recover some of my money. I will see in the next few months depending on how much money I can save.

Westward to Oregon on the Empire Builder

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

July 23-25, 2006

My trip began at the Crawfordsville, IN train station, which consisted of an unmanned metal hut with about 10 chairs in it. I was boarding the Hoosier train bound for Chicago. I had picked up my tickets for this trip the day before at the Amtrak station in downtown Indianapolis. The train arrived at the station about 10 minutes late at 8:00 am. It could be heard clanging and blowing its horn in the distance for about 15 minutes prior to this. Upon boarding the training for the four-hour trip to Chicago, I quickly found a seat in the sparsely populated car. After the conductor came by and checked tickets, I settled into my seat. For the next four hours I watched out the window as the corn and soy fields of the Midwest slowly gave way to the suburban and then urban landscape of Chicago.
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Travel Planning and Decision Agony Continues

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
Over the last two months since I last posted, I have made considerable progress in my trip planning. I decided to try to spend the extra month or so between China and Nepal going through Tibet. A train line ... [Continue reading this entry]