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Job Change

Well just an update that I have changed jobs. I have left Plant Engineering due to lack of available work and have taken a position with Ikaria Corporation. They make a gas mixtures that helps premature infants to breathe easier.

 Someone at work during my exit interview asked me to give them a shout out on my blog so here it is. HI TYLER RAINES.


2 Responses to “Job Change”

  1. RL Says:

    Welcome to the fold. They should take good care of you here.

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  3. Doug Kirby Says:

    You go Barry, I remember you from Albemarle in Orangeburg, SC. I remember you saying that you were going to go around the world, damn I envy you. I left that plant going on 3 years now, best move ever in my life. Back to policing and writing! Take care my friend!!

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