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40 days until trip begins

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Since I last wrote, I have made significant headway in my trip preparations. I have decided not to get the rabies or Japanese encephalitis vaccines for the time being. Reservations have been made at the Ana Rapu Guesthouse for my stay on Easter Island ( for those of you interested in seeing the place). I was originally going to camp but the price was not that much more for a bed and breakfast. Ana Rapu is the name of the guesthouse proprietor. Supposedly she will pick us up at the airport. I am supposed to just ask for Ana when I get there. I guess this works on an island of 3800 people where everyone knows everyone. It kinda of like “Cheers” (everybody knows your name). [read on]

55 days until trip begins – post Christmas update

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Well I am back in Louisiana and have returned to work after spending 1.5 weeks in Indianapolis. My parents and I left for South Carolina during a torrential downpour which apparently extended all the way South Carolina making the 12 hour drive there slightly short of fun. In an attempt to save what few possessions I have left, I rented a U-haul trailer at the last minute instead of trying to prevent my things from getting wet in the back of my father’s truck on the way to Indiana. My parents and I loaded up my things, went to bed, and then woke up early and drove to Indiana in more rain I might add. We put my things in the basement of my sister’s house. During the week and half there, I spent time visiting family and consuming large quanities of unhealthy foods. I got to visit my niece and godchild who is growing up very fast. my niece and me [read on]