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Officially informed work of my trip

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

I took the plunge a little ahead of schedule and officially let my boss know that I will be doing my trip starting on March 1. I did . My company needed to know whether I would be available to take on a new position that they wanted me to fill. My boss is now going to speak with HR to see if I can take a leave of absence for 12-14 months. I could take one for six months with no problem but if I am going to do this trip, I might as well go all in. Now I just have to wait and see what my company is going to do with me for the next three months. The most likely thing will be that I will go to Michigan for December and January. There is a two month project at our new Michigan plant that they need help with. I have worked with this compound before so I could be useful there. If I do go to Michigan, I should be able to save money as the company pays by bills when I go on an assignment.

On other news, I did decide to only buy plane tickets up through Hong Kong. The quote for this was $3900. I would have to buy the rest of my tickets as I go. The flight from Easter Island has me returning to Los Angeles before flying out again to Fiji. As this will be an exceedingly long flight, I may break it up and go visit my cousin in San Fransisco for a few days. I have only been to the airport and my view of the Golden Gate Bridge consisted of staring at it through a little window as it whooshed by at 550 mph.