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Update or Decision Time Approaches

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

After crunching some numbers, it appears that I can still save enough money to go on the trip without selling the car. I may sell it anyway but I haven’t decided yet. I am now about 95% certain that I will go on the trip. I am ready for a change and it just feels like the time is right for me to leave my current job and area where I currently live. Most of my friends that I have made here over the last 2.5 yrs have moved away. I haven’t really put in the effort to make new friends as I am planning on leaving myself. I have set November 15 as the ultimate deadline for making a decision by which I mean that I inform my company that I will be leaving. I am still hoping to work out an extended leave of absence instead of just quitting. The reason I am waiting so long is that my company is considering sending me to Michigan on a temporary assignment. If they do so, I can save a significant amount of money as they will pay my bills. I hope the company will let me know something before my November 15 deadline as I don’t want the fact that I may be leaving at the end of January to affect that decision. [read on]