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Aitutaki, spiders, and my first sickness

Monday, April 9th, 2007

As with all things there is an end. I close out my time in the tropics with a 4:45 am flight to Auckland tomorrow morning. I spent my last few days in the Cook Islands on the island of Aitutaki staying at the Matriki beach cottages. Once again I was the only guest. My last night in Rarotonga was spent at an “Island Night” where I watched examples of native dance and percussion music performed. On Friday, I caught a ride to the airport with a neighbor of the place where I was staying as the buses don’t run on Good Friday. I had a 15:30 Air Rarotonga flight to Aitutaki. Flying on Air Rarotonga must be what flying was like in a time before terrorism reduced flying to the somewhat miserable experience it can be today. There were no metal detectors or security measures that I could see being taken. A member of the staff called out when it was time to board, and we just all slowly ambled from the waiting area to the plane. It was a small, probably 30 or so passenger, Saab 340 turbojet plane. [read on]

People Again

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Rarotonga is the capital & largest of the Cook Islands. It is a lush island with a range of tropical mountains running down the center. All the people live on the coast and the center of the island is unihabited. The island is surrounded by a coral reef which protects the island from large waves. [read on]