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Empty Resorts and Dancing Crabs

Friday, March 30th, 2007

I am now in the Fiji Airport waiting for my flight to Rarotonga, sittting in a chair that I “borrowed” from a restaurant, as this Internet kiosk is stand only. Last Sunday, I went to church in a small stone and wood Catholic Church in Levuka. Much to my surprise, the mass was in English and I was once again the palest person in the room. I then caught a very small boat to Calaiq and got very wet in the process. Once on the island, I found my dorm which I was sharing with the only other guest on the island (a Greek waiter named Ilias). [read on]

Hanging out in Levuka

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

My baggage finally caught up with me on Tuesday night. It had gone to New Zealand, so my baggage is now better traveled than I am. Staying at the guesthouse with me was a New Zealander (Mark) studying at the University of the South Pacific and two Swedish girls on scholarship doing food study research. I went with them on Wednesday morning to the university and spent the morning exploring the campus which is lush with vegetation. The afternoon was spent with Mark doing the Lonely Planet walking tour of Suva and searching for the cheapest pair of flip flops (jandals in New Zealand) we could find. We finally found some for $3.00. [read on]

Trying to stay cool in Fiji

Monday, March 19th, 2007
I left San Francisco on Saturday. My flight to Los Angeles was uneventful, but late. I then got to LAX which has to be one of the worse marked airports in the world. There are absolutely no signs whatsoever to ... [Continue reading this entry]