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55 days until trip begins – post Christmas update

Well I am back in Louisiana and have returned to work after spending 1.5 weeks in Indianapolis. My parents and I left for South Carolina during a torrential downpour which apparently extended all the way South Carolina making the 12 hour drive there slightly short of fun. In an attempt to save what few possessions I have left, I rented a U-haul trailer at the last minute instead of trying to prevent my things from getting wet in the back of my father’s truck on the way to Indiana. My parents and I loaded up my things, went to bed, and then woke up early and drove to Indiana in more rain I might add. We put my things in the basement of my sister’s house. During the week and half there, I spent time visiting family and consuming large quanities of unhealthy foods. I got to visit my niece and godchild who is growing up very fast. my niece and me She is 18 months old now and has developed a well defined list of what she likes and doesn’t like. I also celebrated my birthday on December 28 while I was there. I am now 27 ( for those younger than me yes I know I am getting old, for those older than I don’t care how many times you roll your eyes I am getting old). We celebrated my birthday at my sister’s neighbor’s house. I would like to thank them for their hospitality. My parent’s and I drove back to Louisiana from Indianapolis in one thirteen hour day. Since I have returned, I have managed to locate and visit one friend I hadn’t spoken to in years. I now have one more to find.

On the trip front, I spent a great deal of time while I was at my sister’s house ordering gear for my trip. It is just now starting to trickle in as the holiday season caused many stores to back up. I managed to catch quite a few sales and got a lot of my gear at prices substantially below what I had estimated I would spend. Instead of using these savings for some wise purpose, I decided to go with the “look how much money I saved, I can buy more” mentality. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love buying new toys to play with. One of the extra things I ordered was a new set of hiking boots instead of using my old ones. I ordered socks and underwear that are also quick drying. On January 5, I went to the travel clinic and got shots for polio and meningitis. They also gave me an oral typhoid vaccine which I now have to take over the next eight day. The doctor wrote me a prescription for Cipro for those days when the old gastrointestinal tract decides to protest any previous hardships that might have been placed on it. I still have to decide if I want the Japanese Encephalitis shot and rabies. The doctor is recommending against the encephalitis. Rabies is $750. I might need to shop around a bit or just resolve myself not to hug any stray dogs or monkeys while on my trip. (It will be hard I know.) A friend of mine will be joining me for the Easter Island portion of my trip. My parents are happy that someone will be starting out on my trip with me. I won’t reveal who this friend is yet. I need to get their permission before revealing their identity on the blog. I am trying to be good about doing this as everyone appears to be not as comfortable as I am about spilling their life out to potentially complete strangers. I am looking foward to next week when most of my packages should come in.

Also I just signed up for a gmail account as I sometimes have trouble accessing my LSU account from some computers. The email is:

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9 Responses to “55 days until trip begins – post Christmas update”

  1. Dogwood Dell Says:

    I enjoyed the picture, she’s adorable! Glad to hear that you safely made it back to Louisiana. Enjoy the toys when they arrive.

    Mrs. Dell

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. Clare Says:

    Sounds like fun! Best of luck with the trip.
    Do you mind me asking what other items you got besides hiking boots and socks? I’m planning a trip leaving in the summer and I’m not sure what I should be buying!

  4. Posted from Ireland Ireland
  5. admin Says:

    I just sent you an email at the address that came with the comment with my packing list to date. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. Posted from United States United States
  7. Funchilde Says:

    hey cjun, its Funchilde from boots! you commented on my question about packing for sea travel and I’m checking you out over here! Congrats on taking the leap, can’t wait to hear about your trip(s)!

  8. Aunt Joansie Says:

    Hi Barry,

    I was really happy to hear from you and can’t wait for you to get started on your trip. I think it’s just great that you have this opportunity. I read Worldwalk by Steven Newman a couple of times and just loved it. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures. But I had one thought I have to pass on although I’m sure it’s not necessary. When I read that you’d bought new boots, I hoped that you would break them in before you have to do any serious walking.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    Love, Aunt Joansie

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  10. Gram Says:

    Barry, I loved the picture of you and Eva. I didn’t know I needed to click on the blue to get the pictures. I am so happy to be learning about blogs. I have been very curious about them. I can’t believe you are 27. You really are getting old!! We are having the most unusual weather here. Cold, cold weather, snow and freezing rain have me housebound for almost a week now and “It doesn’t show signs of stopping.” It is snowing hard out there right now and it is just beautiful. I have not seen this much snow since the year you and your family spent Christmas here with us.
    Much love,

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  12. Allison Says:

    i wonder who this mystery person is. You neice is too cute. Her and my nephew (born at the same time) both have really blonde hair. I guess you’ll never be as old as me… 🙁 Congrats on the new toys! I love shopping and getting all sorts of stuff…. Take the advice and break in the boots first! Not a bad idea to carry the old ones along either…

  13. Posted from United States United States
  14. G Says:

    Wow it’s getting closer. I wonder if your mysterious traveling companion needs some free therapy for after your return? I mean I traveled with you for a weekend in DC and that was enough … 🙂

    I see that your updated itinerary doesn’t put you in India until November-December. Certainly a good time to visit the old motha-country. I am back in India (as you might know) for an indefinite time, (and certainly not in a position to travel) but I doubt it will last until the end of the year.

    Best wishes with everything my friend.

  15. Posted from India India
  16. Bayougenius Says:

    Geez Barry 27! You are getting old!!! That picture of you and your nice is too cute. She is adorable. You on the other hand, well…….(LOL).

  17. Posted from United States United States

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