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Being lazy around Easter Island

My first entry for Easter Island was full of adventure and daring do. On Easter Island there are only so many things to do so it was inevitable that I slow down. Most of Wednesday was spent reading a book at the guesthouse to try to avoid the heat. I did go out and buy some food as I decided to try to “cook” in the kitchen. Food here is 2-3 times more than it is in the US. Restaurants are very expensive. I first found the fruit and vegetable market and bought eight bananas from the back of a truck. The owner of the truck took me to a scale, weighed the bananas, and told me the price $2. He then disappeared. As with everything else I have done here, finding someone to pay is a hassel. I tried to give money to several people who shook their head no. I finally saw the guy back at at the truck and he took the money. I next went to the supermarket and bought bread, mustard, cheese, and hotdogs. My supper for the next three days consisted of bananas and hotdogs which I had to boil hence the “cook” part. Lunches have consisted of chicken and cheese empanadas which are the closest thing to fast food on the island. There is a stand next to a park that sells huge empanadas for about $3.

On the advice of someone at the guesthouse, I went to the local diveshops to see if any snorkeling trips were going out. As is turned out, they had one going out at 18:00 to the bird motu for $30. I left and came back to the dive shop at the appointed time. I was given a wet suit, fins, and a snorkel. There were five of us going out: Two Japanese guys who were going diving, two Argentinian girls (who spoke some English), and me. We were loaded into a skiff and set out. At first I was a little concerned as the boat was very small and the waves were very big in the harbor. As we crossed the big waves, one could hear exclamations of concern in Spanish, Japanese, and English (coming from me of course). We left the harbor and got great views of the Easter Island which rose above the ocean on great cliffs marked with caves. After about 10-20 minutes we reached the bird motu. I spent about an hour swimming around with the two Argentinian girls. The water was crystal clear and had great visibility down to the bottom 15 meters away. It was great fun watching the divers and observing a large school of fish that swam in and surrounded us. There was one fish in particular who was especially brave and would not go away. Everytime I put my head underwater he was there looking at me. After a while I tried to shoo it away but sure enough a little while later he was back. I guess he was just as interested in me as I in him. After about an hour we returned to the harbor. I traded emails with the others on the trip. They had brought their cameras (waterproof) and are supposed to send me pictures. Tyson rented a bike and rode with Dale (an English guy staying at the guesthouse) to the quarry which is about a 30 km roundtrip.

Thursday was spent puttering around town, watching the people and the animals, and swimming in the afternoon in one of the small rock pools on the coast that provide some protection from the waves. The dogs on the islands appear to have distinct territories. Around the empanada stand lives a dog which resembles an overgrown chihauhau.

Today, I went to the LAN office to check on my flights and then I went grocery shopping for snacks for the plane while I waited for the Internet cafe to open. I will probably spend the rest of the day packing, walking around the island and peeling. My sunburn has rapidly progressed to the peel stage. In the intense sunlight here, my skin which is usually resistant to burning has quickly succumbed. I am getting darker though so hopefully this will help me when I get to Fiji. I leave at 13:50 tomorrow on an overnight trip to San Fransisco.

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3 Responses to “Being lazy around Easter Island”

  1. Allison Says:

    Well, it looks like you are having a good time. pretend to hear all of my chiding concerning your sun burn. Take care of yourself and have fun.

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. BERYL Says:


  4. Kellie Says:

    Sounds like all is going well. But, did you bring any sunscreen with you??? Love you!

  5. Posted from United States United States
  6. Gashwin Says:

    You’ll definitely look Indian by the time you get there :-p

  7. Posted from India India
  8. Mom Says:

    One destination down, and how many left to go???? Glad to hear that all is going well. We miss you and are praying you through.
    MOM And DAD

  9. Joe Says:

    Hey Barry! I see you’re out of the starting blocks and well on your way to one helluva adventure. Keep the news coming!

  10. Peggy Sue Says:

    Sounds like such an adventure. I will surely enjoy all of your stories that you write. Keep them coming, and have safe travels!

  11. Posted from United States United States
  12. Preeti Says:

    So are you going to destroy the One Ring at your final destination, Sam? Hope things continue to go smoothly…

  13. Posted from United States United States
  14. Chris Says:

    You crack me up! Sounds like you are having a ton of fun.

  15. Posted from United States United States
  16. Michelle Says:

    Really neat pictures Barry. The sky is so blue. I am so glad that you are documenting your trip so well so we can share a little of it with you.
    Much Love to you and you are in my thoughts.

  17. Posted from United States United States
  18. Dogwood Dell Says:

    Sounds like you are balancing the trip with fun and relaxation.

    Please post plenty of pics for us to see.

    Safe travels!

  19. Posted from United States United States
  20. Chris C Says:

    You crack me up, Barry. Only you could pull this off!! I really enjoying the updates.

  21. Posted from United States United States
  22. Gram Says:

    Wow, Barry!! You are really doing it. What great pictures. Makes me want to pick up and go there myself. Be safe. Much love, Grams

  23. Posted from United States United States

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