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Respect and Dignity for family and loved ones of Air Asia QZ8501

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

For family and loved ones: Please accept our condolences. Grief does not happen on a schedule. You need time.

Untuk keluarga dan orang yang dicintai : Terimalah belasungkawa kami . Duka tidak terjadi pada jadwal. Anda perlu waktu.

For the public:

Please give families and loved ones time, support and respect.

Untuk masyarakat:
Tolong beri keluarga dan mencintai waktu yang , dukungan dan rasa hormat.

For all the airport staff, military, support crews and rescue personnel: Thank you for your efforts under these horrific circumstances.

Untuk semua staf bandara,militer,kru dukungan dan personil penyelamatan:
Terima kasih atas usaha Anda dalam keadaan yang mengerikan.

For the Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini and East Java’s Governor H Soekarwo
: Thank you for your care, decency and Leadership

Untuk Wali Kota Surabaya Tri Rismaharini dan

Gubernur Jawa Timur Soekarwo H :

Terima kasih atas perawatan Anda , kesopanan dan Kepemimpinan

For President Joko Widodo: Thank you for your leadership and example.

Untuk Presiden Joko Widodo: Terima kasih atas kepemimpinan Anda dan contoh.

For the press: You are a public service. Please respect that and begin to act with some measure of decency, professionalism and respect. If you can’t manage that, then reflect on your humanity.

Untuk pers : Anda adalah pelayanan publik.
Silahkan menghormati itu dan mulai bertindak dengan
beberapa ukuran kesopanan,profesionalisme dan rasa hormat.
Jika Anda tidak bisa mengelola itu, maka merenungkan kemanusiaan Anda.

Water … a basic human right

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Clean water is a basic human right. Everyone knows that and only an absolute moron would disagree. Our knowledge doesn’t explain why water sources continue to dry up and water prices continue to climb. This site lists a lot of companies that sell water.

Add Nestlé, Coca Cola and Perrier to this roll call of H2O producers and suppliers. In fact they don’t really produce anything … you do.
Your tax dollars at the municipal level are used to store, distribute and maintain a supply of clean water. In some areas money is used to recycle and purify water. This water is for drinking, agriculture, replenishing ground-water resources, and for creating a freshwater barrier. This barrier prevents seawater from contaminating fresh water.

What some of the bottled water companies do is take water directly from these reserves and they don’t pay for it. Then they charge customers a premium price for bottled water.

Nestlé’s CEO Peter Brabeck has some interesting thoughts on water.

On the other hand, Coca Cola says, “… water comes with the assurance of safety from The Coca-Cola Company. That is why we introduced … with reverse –osmosis along with the latest technology to ensure purity of our product. Because we believe that right to pure, safe drinking water is fundamental.” Yay Coca Cola.

Included here are some links to further develop an understanding of the realities and possibilities of water conservation and purification.

Orange County

Money for Water projects

Australia’s Water Program