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Saturday, June 30th, 2012

For the manager of Informa Supermal

Six months ago we purchased a sofa from your store. We were very happy with the style and the colour. We brought it home and for six months it has been a welcome addition to our living room. It is the centerpiece of activities, conversations and family moments.
We have made a few purchases from your store and have subsequently recommended your store to family and friends. Due to our previous positive experiences, we were not prepared to be disappointed.
Unfortunately, a little less than a month ago(five months after purchase) we noticed that the fabric had split and was cracking in a few areas. We brought this to the attention of your customer service people. We produced a receipt.
Informa Supermal then sent someone to our home to verify the damage.
We were subsequently informed that Informa did not guarantee its products.
We wish to lodge a formal complaint.
We request adequate repair, replacement, or a full refund.
Your prompt reply is expected.

Regards, Wayne Duplessis

Very disappointed by the customer service at a local furniture shop.
We bought a nice-looking sofa, and after less than six months the fabric has split and cracked in numerous places. We brought this to the store’s attention, along with the receipt and were told that there was no guarantee.
This after they sent someone to the house to verify the damage.
If you have no guarantee or return-policy then why go
through the charade of investigating customer complaints?

Informa Supermal