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Happy birthday to friends from my childhood

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

An achievement

Turning eighty. It’s been done before, but it seems special when the individual, or individuals in this case, represented youth and vitality for a generation. Never mind that one of them wore a rug … he was still cool. He still is cool.
Yeah, I’m writing about the SHAT and Mr. Spock.
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy turn 80 this year.
Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle! Can that be true?
I was six when I watched my first Star Trek episode(Wolf in the Fold) and other than the few visual clues that helped me peg the episode a few years later I didn’t remember much. Later I was hooked. I never wore ears, or a uniform but it was a big part of growing up.
I was always a Kirk fan, but no denying the Spock mystique, or the fact that Nimoy aged more gracefully than his erstwhile commanding officer.
When Star Trek the Motion Picture came out it was a month or so after my first plane ride, and I felt I could identify with Kirk boarding the (The definite article was still in use on Trek then.) Enterprise. That is my badge of geekdom.
Star Trek 2: the Wrath of Khan, brought us to the reality that these guys were aging. The next few movies seemed to be living in denial of that reality.
To see what Shatner and Nimoy have done away from Trek has been gratifying to fans of the actors and performers.
Wishing both men healthy and happy birthdays, and many more to come.


Travel,tow trucks and time-sensitive tribulations

Monday, December 28th, 2009

We are coming to the end of a long holiday. It’s the nice thing about working in Indonesia; there are lots of holidays.

We had planned to drive to Bali. We were going to leave at six in the morning and drive for ten hours until we got to Banyuwangi, where we’d drive aboard the ferry for the short hop to Gili Manuk.

We set out, almost on time, and were cruising along the toll. Then the van(Isuzu Panther) started acting up. After about ten minutes it seemed wise to pull over and pop the hood.  The smoke was already pouring out. Thankfully we had a case of large water bottles. Emily, the smarter-half of this marriage, is an incredibly organized and prepared woman. Our driver gingerly unscrewed the cap of the radiator. A cloud of steam poured out, and kept pouring out. One after another, seven or eight large bottles of water were poured onto and into the radiator.

Emily called her brother-in-law and got the name of the toll’s towing service. Then we waited. Then we waited, and waited some more. The truck finally came. Anxious moments passed while they checked, and talked, and smoked.  I started snapping pictures.

Tow truck The consensus was not good. Getting up hooked up We’d need to be towed off the toll, and then from there to a Bengkel (repair shop/garage).

The Panther was linked to the truck and pulled along the road. We arrived at the Izusu shop and the waiting resumed. Poor Wyatt was bored out of his five-year old mind. We started exploring. We found a collection of nuts, bolts and screws on the floor, making a game of seeing how many we could find. We topped out at eight altogether.

After about two hours that seemed like six due to the heat and inactivity we headed back home. At home it was my turn to be bored, impatient, and immature – generally a pain in the butt. I really wanted this vacation. in fact, I needed this vacation. In moments, that I’m sure reached Shatneresque-peaks of drama, I proclaimed my need to get out of the city.

Emily finally sorted it out and we flew to Bali. As we sat in the lounge waiting to board Emily realized that I did not have my trusty backpack. I went racing through the airport and finally to the original entrance where I found my bag sitting on top of the scanner. I had evidently left it there.

“Can you prove this is yours?”

“Yeah, I’m an English teacher and I still have a few books in here.”

The security looked skeptical. Then I remembered the toll. “My camera is in here and I have pictures of us on the toll.”

Sure enough, there the shots were.

“Carry on, Sir.” ( or something like that)

We made it to Bali.

We stayed at  HOTEL KARTHI

Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta Beach
Bali Indonesia
Phone +62-361-754810 (hunting)
Fax +62-361-751708
E-mail: sales@hotelkarthi.comWyatt on the beach

Happy New Year