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The Mother of all Temples

“The Temples of Angkor – the heart and soul of the Kingdom of Cambodia”

After all the temples I’ve visited throughout SE Asia – None can come close to Angkor Wat! It really doesn’t come any bigger than this. Angkor Wat is one of those places that you have to see before you die! I repeathave to see before you die! Trust me – you wouldn’t want to miss this divine beauty!! It took me four and a half hours just to walk through the entire temple and try to take in the extensive base-reliefs and structure. That’s how massive and astonishing it is!!

Check out my pics and see for yourself 
(The pictures really don’t do it justice though)

Quick facts about Angkor Wat:

– World’s largest religious monument

– Dated early 12th century

– Built w/ Hindu influences dedicated to Vishnu

– Classical style of Khmer architecture

– Oriented to the West

– Total area almost 200 hectares including the moat that surrounds the it.

– 800 m of intricate narrative base-reliefs w/ nearly 2000 apsaras stretched across the outside of the central temple.

Angkor Wat at sunrise


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