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One year mark in China

Since it’s been a year, I’d like to point out that I’m no longer just an English teacher… I’m now a chopsticks master, pro dumpling-maker, street-chaur lover, forever bijou loather, transit crowd-pusher (though not all the time), mooncake admirer, and tea expert. Oh yea.

Gosh, so many 09′ memories running around in my head. I have so much to write about; things i’ve seen, tasted, felt, experienced, but my fingers can’t seem to type fast enough. I think it’s the Dalian winter. It’s been too cold to type and my fingers are frozen 🙂 Though I promised a few 09 highlights, so here they are…

Traveling. Guam, Korea, and parts of China. Guam being the pinnacle of them all. After nearly 10 years of being away I’ve finally made that trip home. I couldn’t have guessed the intensity of my feelings; being back on the island, reuniting with friends I grew up with – it was heart-warming and fulfilling. As that one song went, “Reunited and it feels so good…”

Turning 26 in China. Dumplings, long-life noodles and cake fights with friends. A birthday to remember that’s for sure.

Thanksgiving turkey. I’m not sure how it happened but somehow I was appointed to make the turkey and I accepted. Surprisingly, “Bob” the turkey (yes, i named my turkey) turned out well. No joke. Mind you, I’ve never cooked a turkey in my life! So this was big, for me atleast. Mom you’d be proud.

Water shut-off on Christmas Eve (right before dinner) No joke. Lets just say we all cut down on our liquid intake just so we wouldn’t have a reeking toilet. A memorable, awesome night it was. Good friends. Good laughs. Good times. Good eggnog!! (Thanks Meg) What made the night even awesomer was our random xmas wrapping paper fight. WTF? Yes, I know we’re total dorks. But oh, was it fun.

Random Caroling. In attempt to spread the joy of Christmas, a bunch of us got together on Christmas day and randomly sang carols at random places: on sidewalks, inside malls, even the train station! Onlookers stared and didn’t react really. I’m sure they were thinking that we were crazy. Maybe we should have sang in Chinese.

Christmas miracle? For two months, my roomie Jaz constantly nagged about how “Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without snow” and we joked on Christmas Eve how there was still a day left and just maybe, just maybe it’ll come on Christmas Day. Lo and behold, I woke up on Christmas Day looked out my window, and everything was covered in white. It was snowing! Of course, my first reaction — run, scream and bang on Jaz’s door until she woke up.

Bringing in 2010. Never thought I’d be a million miles away from home celebrating the New Year in China! Two words: Whiskey and FIREWORKS!!

Thanks to all who have made 2009 a great year.



2 responses to “One year mark in China”

  1. Crowd pusher? LOL! That’s anywhere in Asia! I love it! I am with you though; I dont miss American culture one bit either!

    On a side note, you can get around China’s blocks with a program called Hide My Ass! (got to love the name)

  2. Greg Rodgers says:

    Great blog..!

    …and I’m jealous you had turkey for Thanksgiving….I couldn’t find one while in China and the chicken feet just didn’t cut it. 🙂


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