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After countless demands/threats from family and friends, please find my itinerary at the bottom 🙂 lol…love you guys! 

Anyway, my final date is approaching – two more weeks! Yahoooo! Feeling a little bit nervous but more excited than anything. I got my important stuff done- Passport, Airfare, Vaccinations/shots (Yes, I’ll be making photo copies of all this, leaving a copy with my family and scanning a copy for myself) and of course, I’ve done my reading/research on the places I plan on visiting.

By the end of the week, I plan on boxing and storing my things away and hopefully get my backpack/supplies.  Given that I’m carrying one pack – I’ve put in a lot of thought in what I plan on bringing. I hear the rule of thumb is to pack everything you want to take. Then unpack it, take away half, and pack again – which makes a lot of sense. Besides, I can always buy whatever I need as I go…

I’ve done a fair bit of traveling… but this trip is evidently a much larger undertaking. I never travelled on my own before and I actually can’t stand eating alone but this will have to change won’t it?! Although with this length of a trip, I’m now even more determined to travel more. I’m starting to think that I might have developed some sort of addiction 🙂 which will possibly result in me being in debt, never owning a house and possibly never being in a long term relationship…lol…but you know what…. we all have to see the world. Trekking up mountains in Yosemite, fighting off mosquitoes in the jungles of Mexico, enjoying a glass of wine in Italy, eating balut in the Philippines…. to me it’s all worth it!

My next blog will probably be when I arrive in Jakarta – so stay tuned!

Thanks to all for your support and blessings. Much love going out to an extraordinary someone (you know who you are) thank you for opening my heart to traveling.

Cheers, Sophia

Itinerary (Tentative):

Aug 19 – Leave California

Aug 21-Sept 21 – Jakarta, Indonesia (fly to Bali)

Sept 21-Nov 1 – Bangkok, Thailand (overland to Cambodia & maybe Vietnam)

Nov 1-19 – Hong Kong (China)


16 responses to “Itinerary”

  1. j.ILL says:

    YAY! Im excited for you sop dog! LOL…. well i’ll be there to see u b4 u leave…

  2. Gdizon says:

    I’m excited feels like I’m going with you. I will be checking your updates often. Be safe and always pray. God Bless!

  3. Josh says:

    You forgot to mention the sandstorm in Punta San Jose :<) Keep an open mind and enjoy living out of the pack…. Oh and stay away from the untuk.

  4. Sophia says:

    Ahhhh…yes! The sandstorm in Punta San Jose – how could I forget that! If I can survive that – I can survive anything… lol 🙂

  5. jdizon says:

    i heard about this trip from the lil sis. congrats!

    a friend of mind spend quite a bit of time in thailand teaching after his college days. he recommends the school below. it’s in surat. it’s 8 hours away from bankok but it looks like you have some time. ask for penong. she’s the head of the school.

    good luck and have fun. we have a cousin on our mom’s side who is only 21 wandering latin america right now. she’s having a great time.

    i’m sure you don’t need anymore advice but if you do let me know.


  6. Trace says:

    Im soo excited for you! Well I guess that means we need to play hard-party hard before you leave!

  7. Iris says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever get to see the world, but through you and your adventures it’ll be like I have. We’ll be looking forward to your updates once you leave. If you need help boxing & storing your things, let us know. Muah!

  8. SAMMY says:

    Let me try this again. Well I still don’t agree with this, but then again you have proven yourself to be more than I’ve expected. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy your time away and you’ll have so much fun. I wish I can join you but I’m in a totally different blessed world. Just remember to blend in, and always tell everyone your working overseas with a Visa doing you know what, hahah. Always know that we all will be here for you if you need anything.

  9. sShEiLaA says:

    HOPIA….I am sad that you are going to leave family, frens, loved ones behind. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I guess? Please Please remember once you land – buy a pepper spray & a machete, I mean a small pocket knife (haha) then you will be good to go. I will train you in BLACK BELT in a couple of days before you leave. LETS BRAINSTORM! LOL! I do agree wit Sam though! I don’t think you should go by yourself. Its scary, but we all gotta think positive. You will do fine, just please remember as nice & friendly as you are & also you having a hard time saying NO to people at times like here in California, please don’t be like that over there. You can mingle but not too much cuz you don’t know them. Just TRUST your instinct..oohh, wait – scratch that off – just trust yourself with other people okay. Don’t get me wrong, meeting people is awesome, but their are people out there that are CRAZY. So be careful please. And make sure you bring your phone & add the international plan, I’ll even help you pay for it, jus tell Sam to subtract that from my bill. LOL! Seriously!

  10. Sheena says:

    Soph I am SOOOO EXCITED for you!!! One day I want to travel the world too but you’re doing that now and that’s fantastic. Maybe when you get it all out of your system you’ll buy a house and settle down but I totally understand…I feel the exact same way. There’s too much I want to do before I settle. I can’t wait to read about your many adventures, and don’t trust anyone really! I don’t want no brokedown palace crazy-ness happening to you or Bridget Jones Diary (#2) crazy-ness. I don’t know a lawyer like Colin Firth that can help. haha… But I love you cousin and I’m super excited. I’ll probably call you before you leave. Take Care and HAVE FUN!

  11. chingaling says:

    darling SOPHIA… by now you’re on the plan awaiting your tremendous journey to come! When you first told me about your trip I was shitting in my pants for two reasons: 1) the thought of traveling alone 2) the freedom that comes with it 😉 I’m sure you’ll be fine but I’ll be praying for you to have a safe trip.

    Me and Yuki have a friend, Stephanie, who you seem to be slowly becoming. Traveling is a infectious bug. A vagabond by heart, she has traveled all of South America, Mexico and soon to be Europe all by herself and can’t seem to live in a city for more than 3-4 years.

    Take plenty of pictures because this chicken won’t ever be uprooting herself like you have and wants to live vicariously through your trip 😛

    all the love,

  12. chingaling says:

    P.S. Hong Kong is tiny, you should try to visit parts of mainland China and if you happen to make it to Shanghai, let me know if you need a place to stay. I’m sure my dad will be happy to host you. You can sleep in my room where my bed is a tatami (Japanese straw mat style, lol).

  13. sShEiLaA says:

    Hmmm….EXTRAordinary someone huh? LOL!
    Well….had the last dinner before u left wit yah en the fambam, went to the airport to see you off, went home to cry all my tears out….hmm, now wat do I do? LOL…..
    okay I do not know what I am writing, but take care I miss yah already. Be safe out there. Love yah!!

  14. IRIS says:

    It’s been great having you stay with us the last few weeks before you left. You’re great company, especially when the kiddies are around. Not to mention how great of a help you are too when I need a third & fourth hand to help w/ the baby.
    It was also great making coffee for two (instead of the usual ONE) in the morning…

    Donovan already misses you. He’s asked for you about 4x today and I told him you went to China. And he replied excitedly, “like Nihao Kailan?”. (you remember this cartoon right?) Then he ponders for a second and then says, “Can I go w/ auntie Phia, mommy?” strangely, he checked the top bunk for you…he must think we’re lying to him or something.

    Anyhow, thank you for the sweet, sweet, sweet letter & gift. It was not neccessary, but we understand your appreciation. Your brother and I wholeheartedly also appreciate you, your sweetness, thoughtfulness, and love. If there is anything you need, please do let me or Sam know. I know you’ll have fun. Again, take many pictures and please be careful. XOXO

  15. Sophia says:

    Thanks Ching! I do plan on heading up to Beijing (to see the Great Wall) if I do hit Shanghai I’ll let you know 🙂

    Iris – Yes, I remember the cartoon lol… I miss the kiddies already! Give them a kiss for me.

  16. Courtney Barrett says:

    Hi Sophia,

    Wow….Michael & I are so jealous right now. You are taking us back to A wonderful time in our lives. We often dream of our travels. It seems like yesterday! All I can say is Enjoy! And, Have some Nasi for us. Stay safe. Courtney

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