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facebook, family, five days

To add to my ramblings in a previous blog about China blocking websites, China added yet another site to their list – Facebook. It’s been blocked for a week now. Ugh. Mother-effers. I guess I’m going to have to find another country to live in now. I’m kidding. Hopefully, it’ll be back up soon. (crossing my fingers)

But it doesn’t matter at the mo, because I’m going on vacation, a short vacation that is! Literally. Five days! My school is flying me home to get my work visa. Sahweeeet! I leave in a few hours! Woo hoo! I’ll probably suffer extreme jetlag but I don’t care, because I get to see my family and friends!!

Looking forward to waking up with my nephews, stuffing my face in Mexican food and spending countless hours lollygagging on Facebook and Youtube…. because I can!! LOL 🙂 Block that China!!


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