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stolen from christy’s myspace page, originally posted on feb 25, 2008:

was amazing.

it was an “i could die right now and my life would be complete” kind of day…

a “pinch me, cause i must be dreaming” kind of day…

a cheesy and over the top “i looooooooove life sooooooo much!” kind of the day.

if you want to get high, ride an elephant.

they are slow going and greedy for bananas.

they are rough under your feet

they are huge with kind eyes that tear up

they are beautiful in all of their majestic glory

they have amazing trunks that will wrap around your arm (and even lift up your (kimi’s) skirt — i think we got a picture, will post when we get back!)

they are so, so beautiful.

the first time i rode an elephant i was probably 5 yrs old, and kimi 4… it was in LA, and we were with our mom. there isn’t much too the memory aside the fact that i can still remember how surprised i was by the roughness of their skin and their coarse hair.

kimi doesn’t have much of a memory for the day, but as we rode together yesterday she squealed, “i feel like we’re 4&5 again!” (it’s so fun to be doing this trip with her)

i wish i could put into words just how wonderful it was to be face to face, hugging, kissing and riding such beautiful creatures.

after our rides with the elephants (and no, unfortunately kira did not get to pull her stunt)… we went rafting down the river. the rapids weren’t extremely rapid, but it was still quite a rush, and there were squeals and people falling out of their seats from time to time.

my favorite parts of that adventure were seeing the snake swim through the water (so cool), the bumpy parts, and swimming in the water at the calmer parts, floating on our backs in our life jackets letting the current push us downward. i loved looking up and seeing the trees hanging over me, then looking left and right and seeing everyone in their bright orange gear beaming from ear to ear.

jess and kira’s rafting guide found a honeycomb and picked it from the tree. they said it was covered in bees but he handled it with ease. i wish i could have seen it, but i got the see and taste the honeycomb which was such a treat. honey has never tasted so sweet… life has never tasted so sweet.

also… backtracking a bit… the elephant that kimi and i rode was a male and he proudly showed us his manhood at a water stop… i know size doesn’t matter, but if it did he was HUGE! i’m currently working at creating my very own, lame elephant penis joke…

it goes like this:

who wants to know the thai word for elephant penis??

(i’ll fill you in on the punchline later)

it’s not that funny, but as Pong, our guide has told us, repeatedly:

“no joking, no funny.”

“no funny, no loving”

“no loving, no happy”

“no happy, no baby”

(and i’ll spare you the last line in this sequence)

as for today, i think i’m going to do it! go bungee jumping that is… on our two day adventure we were also joined by thelly and jo, two very cool australian girls. thelly has been talking about bungee jumping and it’s something i’ve always wanted to do.

i’m so, so scared, but it’s not like the years will pass on by and this will become less scary, right?? so why not now??

wish me luck!! and bravery too, because there’s still a good chance i’ll chicken out.

hope everyone is safe, happy and having fun back home. lots of love, christy


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