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train rides and chiang mai

stolen from christy’s myspace page, originally posted on feb 22, 2008:

stress as we try to beat the clock in bangkok traffic

lights last forever and ours are all red

we need to be at the station at 7pm

and it’s 6:54pm and counting

worse yet, i have no idea if we are close or far

but time and luck are on our side

big sigh of relief

we have arrived in time!

quick run up to the tourist office

to pick up our tickets

for adventures that lie ahead…

and we’re off

walk through the doorways into the train station

i feel like i’m in harry potter about to head off to hogwart

there’s a whole new world ahead of me

and i’m sure it’s filled with magic

in the train we settle

2 to a seat just to be close

we toast to singha

and sing songs as we enjoy our excitement about everything

a kind thai neighbor gives me a praying mantis model

made out some form of leaves

i return his kindness with macadamia nuts

and though we struggle to talk

still, we communicate with ease

(there is so much to be said in a smile and kind eyes)

our beds are like overhead compartments

and as the night gets later, i sneak off to mine

restful sleep at intervals of 2 hours down, 1 hr up

but i don’t mind

there’s something about lying in silence that i enjoy

around me others are sleeping silently

i wonder what they might be dreaming…

the young boy and his mother are below

and i picture them curled up beside each other

behind the privacy of their blue curtain

what did i dream of as a child?

does he dream the same?

tonight my dreams are vague

but the same each time…

flowers falling

me standing

a figure i cannot make out

but familiar, nonetheless

he comes to me and holds out his hand

and this is when i wake

maybe tomorrow night i will know more

10am we arrive

bright eyed and full of tourist enthusiasm

we take pictures of everything

our new home is a haven

giddyness and bliss travel through my body

and i can’t stop smiling

we take to the streets

and explore the sights of our new temporary home

chiang mai

i don’t think i’ll ever hear the name

and not smile

it’s amazing how quickly

i can fall in love

after a great lunch of green papaya salad

thai coffee and sweet lumpia

we quickly slip into an air conditioned internet booth

to escape the heat

and check in with loved ones

life has never felt so good

and i wish for everyone

to have an experience similar to this

my request…

do it

whatever you’ve been dreaming of

do it.

it will be scary and stressful at times

but it will be worth it

day 3 and already i feel forever changed


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