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vignettes of song

people sing alot in bali. and not american idol-type singing. this is not singing for any audience, just for themselves. i often catch people singing just for the joy of singing.

yesterday i had lunch in a little balinese restaurant and across the road from where i was sitting, there stood a policeman, singing. he had his arms outstretched, palms up to the sky, and the biggest smile on his face. the cars passing in the street between us drowned out the sound, but i’m sure it was lovely. he didn’t see me watching him, and when he finished his song, he looked up to the sky, clapped his hands as if to say “what a fine day!” and turned around to walk down the street. i have to agree with him, it was a fine day.

in the evening after an early dinner, i headed back home. the place i’m renting is in a family compound, known as a losmen. it really does feel like home because you can see the family come and go during the day, and the mother comes to serve me breakfast every morning on my lanai, with a cheerful selemat pagi, or “good morning”. the family has a temple on the grounds as well, and it’s being carefully renovated now – it takes up almost half the property!

next to the building that houses my room, the family gathers for meals together. when the air is still, as it was last night, i can hear their voices, their laughter, the baby’s cries. but this night i also heard a beautifu song. the three little girls were singing softly together. it almost sounded like the tune of “you are my sunshine,” making it exotic yet familiar at the same time.

bali is so beautiful, and life here is so deliciously simple. traditions are everywhere – from the offerings all over the street, to the elaborate ritual ceromonies, to the family temples scattered about the town. if you spend even a few days here, it’s easy to understand why the people here love so much to sing, just for the joy of singing. this place is full of joy, and i love it.

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6 responses to “vignettes of song”

  1. Mom says:

    Well written:)….I can feel the joy….

  2. christy says:

    ditto to your mom’s comment.

  3. kim says:

    i can’t wait to witness all the joy you’re expressing. wait, on to the important question, “did you find LOVE?” =)

  4. malia says:

    @ mom & christy – thanks guys!

    @ kim – it sounds so cheesy, but love is in the air here. no “romance” if that’s more what you mean, but it’s really ok for now. =) someday….

  5. jasmine says:

    ditto to christy and your mom! =) glad to hear that you are in such a wonderful place! =)

  6. cousin says:

    yeah thats what im talking about… LOVE & MUSIC!!!! LOVE in MUSIC… MUSIC in LOVE… cheesy yeah but its all there… BE SAFE CRAZY!!!

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