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beautiful bali

offerings on kuta beach, bali

beautiful blue skies and white sand beaches. narrow little streets lined with shops and smiling faces. heavenly spa treatments for less than the price of a hamburger back home. yes, we’ve landed in paradise – also known as bali.

jess and i arrived just around midnight a few days ago (so tired from the plane ride!) and fell into bed as soon as we arrived. we didn’t have much of a chance to check out our surrounds until the following day when we took off on foot to find a hotel closer to the beach. and once we could get a feel for the area, we realized just what a beautiful place bali is!

we’re staying in kuta at the moment, which has a reputation for being pretty touristy – jess described it as the “waikiki of bali”. but we don’t mind at all. jess has been surfing three times a day since we got here! i’ve been spending my time reading by the pool, watching jess from the sand of kuta beach, and discovering cute spas and restaurants for us to try out in the evening. of all the places we’ve been, i have to say that THIS feels the most like a vacation. it also reminds us the most of home.

the people here are so friendly and smiling faces greet us everywhere we go. they love to ask where you’re from, how long you’re staying, where you’re going tomorrow, and what you think of their beautiful island. the happy curiosity is instantly endearing. there’s a cute little girl named nana who runs a slipper shop on our way to the beach. each day when we pass by she’s got a new greeting for us, which would sound cheesy under any other circumstance, but coming from this petite, cheerful balinese girl, is totally sincere. yesterday we got this one:

“hi jessica and malia! how are you doing today?”

“we’re good nana, how are you?”

“my day is soooo good… now that i’ve seen you!!!”

the other day she told jess, “you like me 100%… and i like you 150%!!”

she’s too cute. but man does she drive a hard bargain on those slippers. =) shopping is another thing that we’ve rediscovered here in bali. in singapore we had done our best to avoid any stores because things were so expensive. but here in bali, things are incredibly cheap. sunglasses for $2. cute little dresses for $3.50. beers for $1. you can’t go wrong. plus, bargaining here is part of the social culture and is usually pretty fun, as you almost always end up with a great deal no matter what price you eventually settle on.

today i’m heading up to the ubud area (if you’re familiar with the book eat, pray, love by elizabeth gilbert, that’s where she spent her time in bali). i’m looking forward to finding some yummy cooking classes and maybe trying out batik making… jess’s mom arrived last night and the two are happy to be reunited and to get to enjoy beautiful bali together. in fact, it’s time for me to go meet them at the pool… =)

bali pictures are up! you can find them here.

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5 responses to “beautiful bali”

  1. christy says:

    ahh, i so wish i was in bali right now

  2. kim says:

    sounds WONDERFUL!!!! i can’t wait to spend 3 weeks there this summer with the girls. you definitely have to fill us in on where to go, what to do, great places to eat AND where to get the good deals. =) miss you!

  3. Mom says:

    Sooo many GREAT pictures!!! Makes us all jealous that we are not there too?!:(

  4. jasmine says:

    ditto to your mom! i love your pictures and your tan! =) miss you!

  5. Asia Flights says:

    This sounds like paradise!

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