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that’s one BIG buddha!

big buddha, originally uploaded by maliayosh.

yesterday we visited the tian tan buddha statue on lantau, which was one of the highlights of our trip so far!

we started out the morning by taking the MTR train out to tung chung station and catching the ngong ping cable cars up to the ngong ping village. apparently, soon after the opening of the cable car ride, they were shut down because one of them fell off! armed with this knowledge, we were a little bit leery of the death defying ride ahead… but having lived to tell about it now, i can say that the cable car ride up to the top was definitely worth, otherwise you have to catch a bus which would wind its way up the mountain. instead, we got to ride with a full view of the surrounding mountains, ocean, even hong kong disneyland. although i wouldn’t recommend it if you’re afraid of heights!

we were told that this was the world’s largest outdoor buddha statue, but seriously nothing prepared me for the size of this thing – it’s HUGE! hong kong is so full of hustle and bustle, but being out so high up on the mountain with the buddha built up perched atop a long flight of steps… it was so serene and i know it’s cliche, but it was truly breathtaking. we instantly felt calm and spent lots of time appreciating the views, exploring the monastery grounds, and reflecting on our highlights of the trip thus far.

for all the pictures, make sure to check out our flickr page by following the link on the right hand side of our blog. =)

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3 responses to “that’s one BIG buddha!”

  1. Eric says:

    The Buddah and the views are amazing!! The pics are great Malia!

    I told Jess… “Da bigger da Buddah…Da better da luck..” Glad you guys were lucky wit da cable cars…

  2. Mom says:

    That IS one HUGE Buddha!!! Loved all the other pics from the cable cars, steps, markets, etc….and also, Lani is just toooo adorable:)…love you. Mom

  3. Kim says:

    ok, just knowing that one of the cable cars fell off scares me enough. you wouldn’t catch me on one of those! =)

    looks like you two are having a blast! thea better take me to the “ice room” when i visit her. hehe.

    where’s all the pics of the hot white boys??? 😉

    love you guys!!


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