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thailand haikus

stolen from christy’s myspace page, originally posted on march 4, 2008:

day 2: trying to eat green papaya salad like a thai person

i decide, chance um’
four chilis in my salad
oh shit!! mouth on fire!

day 5: elephants connection

we make eye contact
he asks for a banana
and i fall inlove

day 5: a swim in the middle of white water rafting

see a snake swimming
lisa’s mom shakes her head “no”
but still we jump in

day 8: travel to phuket (thank you jess)

if we are chicks
then jess is our mother hen
cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck-cluck

day 9: next time

on a whale shark hunt
each dive i cross my fingers
no such luck this time

day 11: shopping

taurai ka? (how much?)
oh no, that’s too expensive!
you give me discount?

day 11: taxi drama

do you speak english?
please take us to our hotel
airport?! bad driver!

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