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technical dificulties

bootsnall has been upgrading our blogs, so you may have noticed that the site was down the past few days. there are still a few kinks here and there that i’m working out, but overall it should improve the layout of the site and give me more options for posts. =)

one of the things that is still off right now is the pages that had links to our itinerary, map and pictures. hold tight, i’ll hopefully have them back soon. cross your fingers that i don’t have to redo them because they took forever! lol.

for now, view my pictures at i added some from the meditation retreat and will be posting about that soon!

oh and happy valentines day! (for those of you on this side of the dateline, at least.) in honor of singles awareness day, i spent the whole morning at a spa – body scrub, rose oil massage, facial, mani/pedi – the works! since i’m my own valentine this year, i figured i had to do it right. =) gotta love thailand…

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3 responses to “technical dificulties”

  1. Mom says:

    Retreat pictures look so serene….Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you. Mom

  2. Eric says:

    Wow.. the meditation center looks sooo peaceful! So much open space.. Oh Yeah..Happy Valentine’s Day too! Hmmm…Does anyone celebrate it there in Thailand??

  3. malia says:

    thanks mom & eric! yes, they celebrate here. but it’s definitely not the mass craziness that goes on back home. the biggest change that i noticed is that the hilltribe kids that come around and try to sell you trinkets while you’re eating dinner were carrying red roses instead of hilltribe crafts yesterday. i saw this one kid sucker a guy into buying THREE roses for his girlfriend before he finally said NO! lol.

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