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happiness is…

i started this list on our second day in bangkok, when we were laying around the pool at our hotel. the day was unusually clear of smog, and everything just appeared so vibrant. bangkok didn’t seem quite as chaotic then as it usually is… =)

happiness is…

… heavenly massages steps from our hotel
… baby elephants in the street
… street vendors every ten feet or less!
… the perfect cappuccino
… just being, not doing
… no agenda other than “have fun”
… freedom to do what you choose
… the kindness of friends
… learning not to change each other, but to build on strengths
… letting go
… slowing down
… looking inside
… when colors seem brighter
… the sound of runnign water above the street/construction noise
… our hotel’s breakfast buffet!
… chilis setting my mouth on fire, then going back for more
… eating thai food in thailand

and a few more to add since coming to chiang mai…

… getting lost wondering down narrow soi (side streets) and finding new places
… meeting new people
… letting your creativity flow
… somphet market steps from my door
… flowers everywhere
… a cold singha beer (once a week at least, right jess?)
… a nice, clean room with hot shower for 150baht a night! ($5US)
… learning to cook new dishes with new friends
… the sanctuary of an air conditioned internet cafe on a hot day
… curling up with a good book
… fresh orange juice on the street
… not caring whether your drinks come with ice
… speaking thai, french, japanese, and english all in one day
… finding a nice shady spot in buak hat park for people watching

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8 responses to “happiness is…”

  1. Mom says:

    Good ones, all:)….stay happy….love, Mom

  2. Eric says:

    You may want to add that Happiness is…”Not working for 6 months straight!” Lucky bastards…

  3. wendy says:

    keep this list growing!! i love reading this and pretending i’m there with you!

  4. toto says:

    Hey Malia and Jess, I have a song for your whole six months of fun and living the life…nrnrRunnin Free by the Still WaternrnrEnjoy

  5. christy says:

    my list…

    happiness is:

    vicariously living through the lives of malia and jessica
    booking a two week trip to thailand
    excitement and anticipation
    out of country adventures with friends
    having dreams of elephants and massages
    postcards and gmail chats
    and seeing my friends so happy and living life so freely

  6. kimi says:

    Malia, I don’t know how to possibly comment on any of your blogs w/out saying “I’m so happy and proud of you” I keep trying to think of more original things to say, but I just get overwhelmed with love for you and admiration, and I just can’t fight it! I’m so happy for you and so very proud!!!! Okay, I’m really gonna stop now! Great list!!!

    I really wished with all my might that this trip would be all of the above for you (as is your list). –and not only has it brought you such joy, creativity, serenity, and freedom…..but it’s only just beginning!!!

  7. Mom says:

    Blog is back up….but not sure if this comment will get to you as it didn’t have the “puzzle type numbers” to input so might have to get Todd to re-register me tomorrow:)…..Happy Valentine’s!

  8. Mom says:

    Looks like my comment did get through:)… thing is missing though…the link to all of your pictures except the few on each blog (written) entry….can’t find all the other previous ones like they used to be before……

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