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a place to call home

i think it must be a quality that most human beings share – the desire to find a “home.” we’re getting to the age where more than a few of my friends are now official homeowners and even while we are on the road here in another country, i find myself longing for some kind of familiarity, for the comforts of a home base. it probably is also intensified by the medicine-head daze i’ve been in for the last few days, because whenever i’m sick all i want is my own bed, familiar food, maybe a good book, and some peace and quiet.

on this journey, i’ve also noticed that i long for “home” even before i know where it is… like when we spent our whole first day of the trip traveling through airports and uncomfortable plane rides, all i could think of was falling into bed at kirstin’s. we arrived at their hong kong apartment after midnight, quickly got the tour, said some hellos and promptly fell into bed. we were finally “home.” same thing with aung’s parent’s house, and same thing with making it to aung’s apartment too…

now we’ve been at the apartment for almost a week so it really does feel like home. and now that we’re in quarantine with aung and i both still sick, we’ve got a pretty boring routine going… but honestly it does feel more like a “home” and less like traveling that way. when we were go-go-go it really felt like we were tourists checking all the sights off our lists, but now i just feel more rested and my body thanks me for it. every day we get up, stretch, take a cold shower (yup, no hot water here but you know, i hardly miss it – cold showers are really refreshing), go out and browse the food stalls down the street for breakfast or lunch, take a nap, head over to the internet cafe to check our email. we do our own laundry in the sink and hang it on the balcony to dry… sit around and watch tv together and eat dinner… lather, rinse, repeat. all pretty ho-hum, but i love it. =)

poor jess is probably getting a little stir crazy having to sit and do nothing all day when she’s perfectly able to get up and go… this morning she was thinking about taking a cooking class in bangkok and right now she’s looking into our travel arrangements for getting up to the meditation retreat in chiang mai. yesterday aung needed to go to chinatown for some fabric so jess got to get out of the house for a bit (and i took a two hour nap!) yup, i know. i’m pretty boring huh? well i think tomorrow i’ll be through the full course of my medicine, so hopefully in the next few days i’ll be all better and ready to get all zen… we won’t have internet access at the center for the 10 days that we’re there but we’ll keep you updated before and after for sure. =)

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  1. Kevin says:

    “…the desire to find a home…longing for some kind of familiarity…” I’ve been away overseas (from home) for the past 17 months now in a place “unlike” my rooted Hawai’i. For me though, perspective changes as the soul searches for that familiarity from strangers to foreign places. Maybe you have already seen that we are all “human” behind every emotion and beneath every action we take and give. Happy trails to finding more “familiarities” in your every-second journey and adventure;)

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