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11.16 – Medieval Toledo!

I’ve learned that there is no way each day can get progressively better than the last. I think my enjoyment meter has been overloaded since I got here. Every moment has been completely unique and magical!

Around noon, Ju and I took a bus to Toledo. Never in my travels have I come across a more fantastically charming city…

On the top of a hill surrounded by a river there sits a large stone castle wall surrounding a collection of tiny meandering cobblestone corridors and staircases. At the center is a massive cathedral, even more impressively opulent than the Royal Palace from yesterday.

There is no way to describe the beauty of this place… you must go there for yourself to feel it’s magic. My photos can do this city no justice:

Click here for more photos

Ju turned out to be an even better partner in crime than I could have hoped for. At night we went to the club Oscar, the DJ from last night, recommended: Top of the Pops. The place was very sharp; a stylish, well designed bar with more awesome music and some cool Madrid kids dressed like philly-style scenesters. Oscar hooked us up with free drinks, and we even won some free gifts from the Larios girls! (I later found this to be a brand of Gin… I think I owe them a taste for their generosity)

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  1. ryan says:

    Well done bro. Live it up.

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