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11.15 – Madrid Rock Club

I think I’m finding myself in bars a bit too much; the one here in Cat’s Hostel has been a great place to meet fellow travelers. Although they are all from different places around the world, everybody speaks some form of English as the primary method of communication. I was hanging out with a cool group of people at the hostel who I met last night, when 2 girls from San Diego said they were heading to a friend’s house party here in Madrid. We all became intrigued, and left immediately.   

After wandering around the streets following these girls into a few random boring bars, it became apparent that they knew nothing of this city. My friends from the hostel and I parted ways with them, and ended up in an awesome rock club.

The DJ was playing the Strokes, Interpol, and a few other great bands that I’ve never heard before. I went to compliment him on his great selection of music, and found his name to be Oscar. It turns out that he spoke good English, and happens to be a drummer. He played his band, The Cuts, and I was impressed! He invited me to another local rock club tomorrow. Who knows what the day will bring, but it sounded awesome!

What a perfect night. I’ve been talking with a South Korean girl named Ju all night, and we decided to go to Toledo together tomorrow. Early day tomorrow… G’night!





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3 responses to “11.15 – Madrid Rock Club”

  1. heidi says:

    can you tell me the name of this rock club in madrid? i would love to check it out!!!! thanks

  2. Tom says:

    Yeah, would be great to know what the rock club(s) you went to were called.

    Send me an email…


  3. Adam says:

    Sorry everybody… but I don’t know the name or location of this club. I just wandered some backstreets until hearing the music and went in to check it out. Best of luck with your wanderings!

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