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11.15 – Palecio Real De Madrid!

6:35p – La Pancita Cantina – I have just found a quaint little backstreet Mexican restaurant with low prices. Still not Spanish food, but I’m getting closer. While waiting for my cuitlacoche and vegetarian tacos to arrive, I’ve been reflecting on the day. It hasn’t been as social as yesterday, but it has been perfectly enjoyable to wander the city on my own… it was also a great excuse to put the digital SLR into action.

I came across the Royal Palace. It cost a hefty 8€ to get in, but it was definitely worth it to see this extremely excessive display of opulence and great power. I also shot my first 360° panorama in the main courtyard. It looks cool, but since I’m not ready to spend a few hundred $ on a good stitching program it has the software logo all over it. Anybody want to donate me a password for PTGUI?

Afterwards, I went into the accompanying Almudena Cathedral to complete all of the mandatory touristy B.S.

SpeakerCathedral AmbienceSpeaker

Not sure what the night will bring. I may just take it easy so I can take a day trip to the medieval city of Toledo. Castles, Cobblestones, Cathedrals… sounds good.

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