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With my deepest regrets…

The road has been long and difficult.  For nearly 4 months here in India, I have been fighting to keep both my flickr photos and this blog alive.  Alas, I am now over a month behind.  I leave India for Thailand and the rest of SE Asia in 2 days, and I hear the internet connectivity is even worse over there.  I have a few months left to enjoy the beaches and islands.  It is obvious that sitting in an internet cafe, waiting for photos to upload at a snails pace is not the best use of my time.  So, I am making this post to inform of the postponement of any real substance on this blog.  I will keep a few things updated (like the current location in the title) or anything of remote urgency.  Sometime later this year, when I have my own computer and the luxury of time, I will get back to work and share the amazing experiences of the last month and final leg of my journey through Asia.Check back in a few months and I will make it all worth while.   Thank you for your patience!

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