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Back to Reality?

Well, this is it.  Far from the end, but currently the end of Asia for me… at least this time around.  I’m sitting in the Taipei, Taiwan airport right now awaiting my transfer flight back to America.  By the end of the day I will be in Los Angeles, and doing my best to deal with the culture shock of returning home.16 months have past since I sold my house and set off on my grand world adventure.  It has been quite a ride, with more twists, turns and unexpected excitement and revelation than I could have ever expected.  There are no regrets to be found, and if anything my dread of the end is the most prevelant.  Alas, now my goal is to settle back into a quasi-American lifestyle and find enough income to get back on the road again.    It is hard to begin processing all the stimuli I have encountered, but I’m sure I will gain more clarity and words of explanation as time goes on.  I’m also sure that the massive game of catch up, copying about 100 pages of hand-written journal and uploading the last 5 months of photos will give me quite a refresher.  So, luckily for all of you readers who have been unfortunately neglected, there will be some new content flowing onto this site in the next few months.

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2 responses to “Back to Reality?”

  1. Gaurav Aggarwal says:

    Hey man,

    I read some of your one specially ones related to India travel experience. All of them are really great. In case you come to India next time, I suggest you to visit some more places like Kashmir (I know some tourist avoid that place because of terrorist activities but believe me it’s a heaven on this earth), places from north east (only a few tourist travel this side of India). Moreover, being an Indian if you need any sort of help from my side, you are most welcome.

    Gaurav Aggarwal

  2. Greg says:

    Can’t wait to see your photos man..!

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