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A Moustache Contest in Jaisalmer?

A Moustache Contest?

As the first words of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival fell upon my ears, the interest had already been thoroughly implanted. Along with a series of other bizarre events and a good share of camels, this event is too atypical to pass up! With the information that the gathering begins tomorrow, I don’t hesitate to pack my bags and board an overcrowded bus leaving in the early evening.

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Around eleven we enter what seems to be small scale urban development. Many short buildings gradually crowd around a large castle city glowing orange against the dark night sky. We pass several large illuminated fountains and I wonder how they can waste so much water in this parched land. I imagine it could be sewer water, pumped out from underneath the fort. But I don’t see any more of the city this night and I don’t do any more than crash onto the bed.


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