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Camel Tattoo?

As the afternoon reaches its mid point I call the fort quits and head off to the intriguingly named Camel Tattoo Presentation.  Last night, when the chef at my hotel described it as camel dancing, my curiosity was peaked.  He jokingly said that they would be jumping around from all of the pain.  I imagined a sort of branding, but still completely missed his joke and play on words until I saw the event in person.  



Rather than permanently marking the poor animals, they are only subjected to an embarrassing field display by the Indian Army’s Border Security Force Camel Team. The first act is the camel-mounted marching band; complete with tubas, trumpets and drums. The conductor leads his troops onto the field for a small routine before taking the sidelines to provide accompaniment for the camel-riding color-guard. Memories of high-school band are dug from deep within and thrown out onto that field with the simple moving geometric patterns. I was half hoping to see some tough camels brave the needle for some new ink, but here I find myself a bit disappointed and mislead as I walk from the dusty coliseum.

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