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11.14 – Wrong Place, Wrong Time?!?!

WOW! This is really unbelievable… today has by far been one of the best days of my life! So many adventures, cool people, and random surprises have come across my path… all within the last 12 hours of landing. It is almost too hard to process all of the stimuli.

I decided to hang around the set of the “Bourne Ultimatum”. Within the first few minutes I met the entire sound crew, and spent a few hours speaking with them. Kirk, the lead engineer, has been doing sound in movies for 40+ years!  The other two crew members, Ian and Benny were a pleasure to converse with.  Ironically, when I asked them all on separate occasions how they got started, the answer was the same: “I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time!” . Maybe this was my “Wrong Time”.

A short while into our talk, Kirk pulled out a lap steel slide guitar from the sound truck and began to play The Hawai’ian War Chant Sml speaker to the backdrop of Madrid traffic! I pulled out my drumsticks and tried to keep up with the meandering rhythms. Not bad… 1st day of travel and already a random musical experience.

After hanging around the set for a little while, Kirk put me to work with the audio crew… OK, well he only had me move equipment and watch over the sound gear when it was unattended. But it was enough to keep around and make a few new friends.

A 21 year old from Madrid who was working security, Joaquin and I had a ridiculously in-depth philosophical discussion about the true purpose of human existence and understanding of life. I was truly impressed with his clarity and concept of purpose at such a young age. I have the feeling that he will accomplish much with his life.

After talking with several other crew members, I met Matt Damon! Despite my compliments on his acting in the first two Bourne films, he remained modest and said that he only hopes that he won’t fuck this one up! Being that personable and down to earth, I doubt he will.

I could probably go on forever about the rest of the amazing events that happened in the last 12 hours alone, but right now I’m in Madrid and its only 10pm. There is a cool looking bar in the hostel’s basement, and it sounds like a group of Irish kids are really partying hard next door.

“What’s that Captain?

“You feel like going out tonight?”

“I’m kind of tired though…”

“Yeah, you’re right… you only live once!”


Oh yeah… I only spent 8€ today! Mad props to Joaquin for hooking me up with a jamon (a.k.a. cured ham = prosciutto) sandwich from the catering truck! Fo’ Sho’!!

Amazing Night!! Thank you Mr. Morgan! You are the best friend a man could know… who is confined to a bottle.



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