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11.14 – Viva Madrid!

Wow! This city is truly amazing! It is nothing like I expected. Aside from the expected language differences, and obvious European layout, it feels very familiar and welcoming. People are dressed similar to those in the US, and it appears that they all fit into the same ‘cliques’. 

It seems that there is construction and scaffolding on almost every building. However, it is also one of the most beautiful cities that I’ve seen. The air here is crisp and the sky is clear. There is an abundance of green foliage and very few signs of fall.

Contrary to the grid like layout of most American cities I’ve been to, the streets here wind around whimsically and are randomly grading up and down. There is a life here, built into the city over thousands of years. You can see it. You can feel it!

3:34pm – Right now I’m enjoying my first meal in Spain. It is pasta of some sort… I believe there is seafood in it, but I’m not quite sure. I would have ordered something a little more Spanish, but I’m having trouble communicating in this small restaurant I’ve stumbled upon.

I just met a Moroccan man, traveling with what looks to be 100lbs or more of luggage! He didn’t really speak much English, but I think he said he is traveling everywhere. Everyone I have met here so far seems to have as much knowledge of English as I do Spanish. Alas, we seem to know all the same words. I guess the essentials are universal. 

Another thing is that there are bars (cervasarias) everywhere. They all seem to have slot machines and lottery too. It seems that liquor and gambling licenses are non-existent here!

4:52pm – Somehow I came across the set of a film. After establishing that the crew was British, I approached a man fiddling with a camera. I found out that they are filming the 3rd Bourne movie! How cool is that?


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