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11.17 – Al Valencia: Día del autobús!

3:28p – Auto-Res Bus Terminal – After spending a wonderful morning together, Ju and I had separate paths to take. She was headed to Granada, and I to Valencia! There I would meet with Melissa, a great friend of mine from home. She’s been traveling Europe for the last two months and I hope every day of her trip has been as amazing as the three I’ve had so far. I’m definitely looking forward to catching up with her and living our own unique style of adventure in Spain!

Whoa! Just went to the bathroom and saw my first squat toilet. I wasn’t expecting one so early in my trip. If it wasn’t bizarre enough being the choice of toilet in a major European city’s transportation center, the black-light definitely pushed it into the realm of surreal!

For more pictures from my time in Madrid, click here.

9:22p – Valencia – The bus to Valencia had a few pleasant vistas, but was relatively uneventful. The city bus, on the other hand, was a completely different animal! The bus driver was most friendly, and he knew how to handle this massive tonnage of metal filled with human souls… but it scared the living crap out of me when he would floor it just to drive one city block to the next stop. Between the extreme acceleration and jackknife turns, I expected my next method of transport for the day would be an ambulance!

So, here I am in the Purple Nest hostel… still overflowing with adrenaline. I’ve settled into my room and have spent the last couple hours waiting for Melissa’s arrival by catching up on this journal. It’s almost midnight on Friday and the Hostel’s bar seems to be happening. I don’t hear any English though… here goes nothing.

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One response to “11.17 – Al Valencia: Día del autobús!”

  1. george says:

    so happy to hear things are beautiful!
    just wanted to say thanks for the journal, been awesome to travel in spirit with you.
    buena suerte mi buen amigo. ¡necesito más fotos del comida y las bebidas y las mujeres hermosas!

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