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11.17 – Valencia es un bonita ciudad!

Melissa arrived from Mallorca with another traveler she met on the ferry; Yoann, a very cool 20 year old hitchhiker from Bretagne, France. He spoke very little English and it was difficult to communicate through words, but the three of us left the hostel after midnight in search of nightlife.  

Walking through Valencia at night was an amazing experience! The company was perfect; Melissa told me of her experiences on Mallorca at the farm she was working on, and other wonderful travel stories from her last two months in Europe. We also had a great time communicating with Yoann and were able to reach many understandings, despite the language barrier.

My first impression from the city bus ride was that Valencia was a very modern city, and I was a little disappointed after enjoying the old-world architecture I found in Madrid and Toledo. Walking through the cities center at night showed a completely different side to this diverse city. This place has an ancient heart of gold! The streets were nearly empty at midnight, and it was mystifying to walk down empty streets of beautiful buildings and occasional medieval remnants.

After a few minutes we came a cross a group of cool Spanish teenagers standing around smokin chronic. None of them spoke English, but thanks to our groups combined experience with Spanish we were pointed in the direction of music and alcohol. On our way to the bar they recommended, we came across a man playing guitar Sml speaker, pouring his heart and soul out to small group of admirers. Just as soon as he was done with the song, he packed his guitar nonchalantly and walked off.

Eventually, we came across a very cool bar overflowing with locals. The walls were adorned with paintings by Dali and there was a very cool vibe throughout. We stayed, drank, Melissa and I caught up more, and we had a few more great attempts at communication with Yoann. Tomorrow we would see what this alluring city has to offer in the light of the sun.

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