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Life Update and I Need Your Vote

The last few months have seen me working on the house trying to build up some sweat equity. So far I have painted, bought new appliances, put molding up, broke a mirror, and tore the fireplace mantle off the wall. Even though I still have months of work ahead of me I plan to move in on February 28. This way I will be able to work in the evenings when I get home.

Recently, I came across a website called Island Reef Job. This is a job with the Queensland Australia tourism board. They are offering to pay someone $150,000 AUD to live on a Great Barrier Reef island for six months and promote the area through blogging and video diaries. I think you may also have to feed some fish. The first selection round consists of making a video about why you would be good for the job. This is where I need your help. People can go view your video and rate it.  The URL for my video is: Please go watch the video and hopefully you will like it and give it five stars. You only have until about March 2nd to do this. (It may even end sooner so don’t delay.)

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