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I didn’t win

Well, I am still gainfully employed in Louisiana as I didn’t win the contest. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and for the other 6,999,999,968 who didn’t I know where you live. Watch your back.

 On a lighter note, I am going to Las Vegas next month on April 24. I plan to visit Death Valley, Grand Canyon, and other places in the area. While this is going on, if some money should accidently fall into a slot machine or on a black jack table, well accidents happen. I am bringing my tent and my backpack just in case all of my money accidently falls on a blackjack table or I see a nice spot in a national park to spend the night. For those of you who remember back in the day, when my blog used to actually be interesting and about travel, I plan to bring the laptop and do some good old fashion blogging. It probably won’t be as exciting as diverting through rice fields in an embassy vehicle to avoid the Maoist rebels or starring in a movie in India but I will do what I can.

Again for those who remember, I couchsurfed my way through Europe on my trip. I have decided to spread the love and have signed up my sofa for couchsurfing. (Not that I am expecting many international travelers to come to Baton Rouge but those are just details)

The house renovations are continuing. My stairs are partially disassembled and will be put back to together again with wrought iron (or maybe aluminum made to look like iron). I will know for sure when I put my weight on it for the first time and see if the railing collapses like a Coke can. I have to start tearing out drywall around the tubs soon as well so I can put up the right material to hold the tile. Fun and exciting stuff. Well I could ramble on but I won’t as your eyes have probably glazed over and drool has made your face stick to the sofa. So wipe your face off and turn off the computer as I am done until next time.


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