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why i love sunday nights

playing with fire, originally uploaded by maliayosh. you can see a video of these guys here.

sunday evenings here in chiang mai are my favorite time of the week! every week i’ve been going back to the sunday walking street market which takes place on ratchamodoen street, from tha pae gate all the way down and around the surrounding streets too. every week i try to alter my route a little bit so that i see another street, find another cool new artist, or find new food stalls to try.

a couple doing traditional thai dancing with puppets:
puppet dance

most of the temples in the area are open throughout the night, so you’ll see people inside praying:
temple @ walking street market

and my favorite part of all is the food! imagine “taste of honolulu” but without having to part with so much of your hard-earned cash – it’s like a carnival atmosphere almost… most of the temples have food stalls set up inside, along with a few stalls along the streets themselves. inside the food areas you can find a huge variety of foods to try, most for between 5 – 20 baht apiece, including noodles, soups, pad thai, indian food, spring rolls, sushi, green papaya or mango salads, dim sum, i’ve even seen french fries, hamburgers, and mashed potatoes! for the sweet tooth, sample traditional thai desserts like mango with sticky rice or bananas in cocounut milk, or you can also find mini cakes, cookies, ice cream, waffles, crepes, and fresh fruits.

i ended up with pad thai w/ wide noodles, chicken and pork skewers, and a big, freshly squeezed orange juice to wash down all the chilies!
street food for dinner! yum =)

families make an evening out of it and teenagers come in packs on their motorbikes. tourists mingle throughout the crowd, trying to bargain for hand crafted items or souvenirs to take back home. and in the middle of the two way flow of shoppers, there are street performers everywhere. a little girl in a school uniform playing the flute, a group of three thai teenagers belting out a pop song to the strum of a guitar, a little girl doing a traditional thai dance, in full costume, while her mother collects donations for her education.

it’s so much fun… i’ve been a regular at the market the last three weeks, but unfortunately this will be my last for awhile. i just bought my train ticket to head back to bangkok to meet up with jess, kimi, christy, kira, and lisa! it’s been a great experience to spend this much time here in chiang mai. i’m sad to go, but i know that i’ll be back soon, and i can’t wait to see jess and the rest of the girls! =)

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5 responses to “why i love sunday nights”

  1. sheryl says:

    that look so fun..

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey girl! Don’t know if you are still going to be in Chang Mai for a couple more days, but I just found my friend Gade’s email address. She’s from Chang Mai and is the sweetest lady ever. Give her an email and I’m sure that she would love to take you around!!! I’m sorry this is so late…I totally forgot I had it and Robin just reminded me to hook you two up. Her email is I’ll also give her your information so maybe you two could get in touch. =)

  3. Mom says:

    Sunday night markets look so fun (and yummy!)….bet it will also be fun to hook back up with the girls again too:)…..

  4. kim says:

    looks fun! wow!! have you been in chiang mai for 3 weeks already?? how time flies! i bet you’re so excited to see the girls…i’m sure you lovely ladies will have a blast! =) miss you!!! xoxo

  5. jasmine says:

    I got the postcard in the mail over the weekend. Thank you! it made me feel very happy =) miss you! jasmine

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