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staying cool in thailand

forget about “feeling the burn”! it’s been SO hot and humid the past couple of days here in bangkok. last night we had rain showers too, but it’s still really sticky outside.

even my kit kat requires air-conditioning (check out the label!)
product warnings

here’s a few of our favorite ways to beat the heat:

1. internet cafes. on our street alone there are 5 internet cafes. for about 50 cents an hour (or less!), you get air-conditioned comfort while you check email, chat with friends and family, or use skype to call a loved one. most in the non-tourist areas are full of little kids who come here to play video games, so i always bring a headset to listen to music to drown out their shouts and the fighting noises and blaring music coming from their games!

2. get a massage. ahh yes, it’s a tough life here in thailand. you knew this would make my list huh? =)

3. visit a park. thailand, and asia in general, has some gorgeous parks! they are all well maintained and there are often vendors who will come by selling fruit, snacks, mats to lay around on, food to feed the fish, and beverages to cool you down. my fave is buak hat park in chiang mai!
buak hat public park, chiang mai

4. catch a movie. it’s cheaper than watching them back home, and the “movie theater experience” here is worth the price of admission on its own! kira, jess, kimi, and i saw a thai movie called chocolate (check out the trailer here) which features a young thai actress with bruce lee moves. it was great! the movie theaters are HUGE and the complex includes multiple concession stands, restaurants, even bars where you can lounge before your show. seating is assigned, so you can buy your tickets early and not worry about getting there early for a good seat. we paid a little extra for the “love seats” in the back, which were like huge, comfy, reclining couches.

5. head south. the south of thailand has tons of great beaches! unfortunately (for jess), no surfing that comes close to hawaii, but there is some amazing snorkeling (we loved the crystal clear water in ko surin), kayaking, and all kinds of things to do out on the water.
cast away

6. take a ride on the river. bangkok used to be known as the “venice of the east” because of all the canals running through the city. you can still ride a river taxi to avoid cross-town traffic and to stay cool on a hot day. (just make sure you stay on the shady side of the boat!)

7. grab a beverage. food and drink stalls are EVERYWHERE in thailand, so you’re never far from a thai iced tea or soft drink. but one major difference – drinks come in plastic bags instead of cups! it took some getting used to at first, but it’s actually pretty cool. you get a little plastic bag filled up with ice and your beverage of choice, then a straw to drink out of. you’ll see people carrying them around everywhere.

8. become a mallrat. malls in thailand are pretty similar to the malls in the states. expect to see tons of teenagers hanging around, playing video games, tons of food courts and restaurants (i confess, we gave in to the lure of the salad bar at Sizzler), stores packed with people when there’s a sale… but i think because of the extreme heat outside, malls here really take things to another level. all kinds of entertainment can be found in malls here – including tae kwon do championships and “top model” competitions. you’ll never know what you’ll find!

9. take a ride on the skytrain. the BTS skytrain system or the MRT “metro” subway are great ways to avoid the perpetual bangkok traffic jam, and best of all they have frigid a/c!

it’s not even the hot season yet, but i’m definitely getting a taste of what it’s like. i must say that all of the ways we’ve found to avoid the hottest hours of the day have been quite enjoyable though. =) life here seems to have just evolved to deal with the weather – it’s the main reason why huge night markets are found in every city. it’s just too hot to be out during the day! oh and speaking of ways to beat the heat, i think it’s time for…

10. take a nap! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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6 responses to “staying cool in thailand”

  1. Freebirdpro says:

    Hi Malia… interesting to see your methods of keeping sool in soaring temperatures… hmmm… maybe there’s call for a book! a hundred ways to stay cool?? What do you recon – should we start compiling a list?? :-)….

    Talking of cool.. I’m very flattered for the link – especially to be appearing as a “cool” person… cheers me dear 🙂

    I imagine as your planning a retreat in Suratani (or however you spell it) – koh Tao or Pan Yang – would be good options for a cheap break somewhere before or after… Haven’t been over there for a few years myself – so afraid I can’t recommend anywhere..

    Life in Lanta is good.. constant stream of leaving do’s at the moment though… and then followed by welcome drinks as new people arrive… but I guess that’s part of every day life wherever you are based in this transient world…

  2. christy says:

    you could add get waxed to the list. the pain alone will make you completely forget about the heat 🙂

  3. Mom says:

    Have fun and stay cool!:)…Enjoying all of your posts….love, Mom

  4. Eric says:

    All 10 are on my list!! Can’t wait!! Oh yeah, feel free to lemme know if you want anything from the states. Get one Marukai where I live too if you like Japanese snacks li’dat. See you guys soon!!

  5. Jess says:

    Yes, getting even hotter now! Don’t forget to coat yourself like a fish getting ready for a fry. Baby porder, prickly heat powder, sornstarch, whatever!

  6. Shea Quiett says:

    This is very interesting indeed…

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