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time warp

sorry guys, i’ve been having too much fun living life the past few days to get around to writing about it! oops! =) forgive me this little time warp, i’ve got tons of new pictures on the way and lots of experiences to share…

since kira, kimi, christy, lisa, and lisa’s mom joined us in bangkok, we’ve:

– taken an overnight train to bangkok (where we slept on bunk beds that reminded me of sleeping in the overhead bin of an airplane!)

– gotten two hour thai massages in our own private room at healthland (VIP style!)

– took a tour up to the northernmost part of thailand and across to burma/myanmar

– rode elephants (SO FUN!!!)

– hiked through waterfalls

– stayed overnight with a hilltribe group

– flew south to phuket and then by bus to ko surin island

– spent 3 days, 2 nights camped out on the beach

– snorkeled all day, being taken from site to site by longtail boat

– visited the moken people (also known as the “sea gypsies”)

– saw a monkey!

– drank snake whiskey (everyone swore “never again!”)

– stayed in our own little bungalow cabins in khuraburi

– ate, shopped, and laughed way more than should be legal

i’ve had the best times of my life in the last 10 days! will try to upload our pictures and share some more stories soon….

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8 responses to “time warp”

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds like such a great time!!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures too:)…love to all, Mom

  2. wendy says:

    yay malia! i can’t wait to see pics. say hi to everyone for me. 🙂 love, wendy

  3. sheryl says:

    sound so much fun I have always wanted to ride a elefant

  4. jasmine says:

    can’t wait to hear and see more! love, jasmine

  5. Uyen says:

    Hello! I just saw your blog and think this is amazing! I found you on myspace and I used to work with you at the gap in kahului! I am not sure if you remember me, I was there for a while when you were a manager. I am so happy to see that you are seeing the world!

    I am also thinking about doing the same thing for a few months to figure out what my purpose is. I saw your link about vagabond the book, and I was wondering if you and your travel mates created your own itinerary, and if so, what are some contacts or resources that I could look into? any recommendations would be appreciated!

  6. christy says:

    i have a pic of you and me with the snake whiskey up on myspace. in it i say “bad malia!” for you making me take a shot. definitely never again! blech! (but that being said, i’m really happy you bought it and made me try it. you know how i love trying new things… so my “bad malia!” is of course with a smile) 🙂

  7. kim says:

    yay! you’re back! =) i was stricken with sadness everyday coming to your blog and not seeing any new posts. i felt like i was lost in thailand and didn’t know where “I” had gone after chiang mai. LOL. i told you i was living vicariously through you and jess. i’m so glad to hear “I’m” having a great time. haha.


  8. sam says:

    hey, I just wanted to ask you to be mindful when mentioning places like mo ko surin. the reason you had a great time snorkeling with turtles and other beautiful sea life is that this place is still unspoiled by tourism. thailand is so touristy and places like surin is a jewel. I am not saying not to share with others but posting it online for the whole world to see will just hurt this little paradise. remember, be mindful. thanks

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