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the end is (unfortunately) near

i can’t believe how quickly time flies! we’re at the point where we’ve only got one month to go before we head back to reality! im bracing for some major culture shock heading back to the world as i knew it before… but i’ve also been spending more time reflecting on all we’ve seen during this little adventure, and thinking about what it means for my future.

in the last four months, i’ve learned so much! about myself, about jess too, about travel, and about the world around us. and it’s a beautiful world out there, people. i won’t ever regret taking this trip. in fact, i’m planning to build this into my life plan somehow. it doesn’t seem so far-fetched being able to save up money while working at a job for, say, five years or so. by then, i’m itching for something new anyway. move on, and take a nice trip in the interim before starting a new job with a fresh perspective. who’s to say i couldn’t do this my whole life? lather, rinse, repeat. but a lot more fun!

i know, i know. what about settling down? starting a family? all that good stuff that a gal in her late twenties should be thinking about. well, i’m not opposed to the idea of putting down roots somewhere, but i also feel that there’s more world out there for me to see! and while it would be nice to someday find a career that sticks (i’ve tried out so many jobs, it’s like process of elimination!) i also feel that it’s not so bad to get experience in more than one field before making that choice. not to mention the life experience you get from travel… in fact, sometimes a big hole in your resume isn’t as bad as it seems – most people just want to hear about your trip before getting into the nitty gritty of what you can bring to the position!

and as for the love for travel (especially long-term travel) and how it applies to relationships, that’s a tricky one. i’ve met a lot of couples traveling, with varying degrees of success in their compatibility as traveling partners. i try to imagine myself being able to travel someday with a partner, but i think that this wanderlust (the type i’m afflicted with at least) may be a recessive gene lodged somewhere deep in the human DNA. sure, many people like to travel, but the stress of being together all the time for months at a time… it takes its toll on relationships, and i think that its rare to find someone who loves this kind of travel as much as i do! even for jess and i – she’s had to put up with me and my love for side trips on my own! but i’ve also seen examples of couples who travel extremely well together – taking on the world together, being flexible in their plans, and supportive of each other even if it means spending time apart. that would be ideal for me… so i’m crossing my fingers that mr. right is out there somwhere with that same recessive gene (or maybe just the ability to put up with mine.) maybe our paths just haven’t crossed yet, and it’s just a matter of time.

leaving asia is, in itself, another adventure for us. the last four weeks of our trip will be spent in sydney, then new zealand, then fiji. we’ve gotten used to functioning in an asian world – bargaining in the local language for anything we need to purchase, adjusting to the sounds of a million motorbikes crowding the streets instead of cars, different foods, the little cultural faux pas to avoid. we’re excited for sydney, but it’s going to be strange to leave this world behind too – it’s been our home for 4 months! not to mention that the weather will be cooler, and aussies have a language all their own… stay tuned for what’s to come, we’re ready! =)

P.S. sorry for the extended period of no blogs… we’ve been busy hanging out with jess’s friend kim – wait, i guess i can say OUR friend kim now! i’m working on getting all the pictures uploaded, and will try to get up a blog or two soon. you can see pictures from our trip to nusa lembongan here.

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3 responses to “the end is (unfortunately) near”

  1. Eric says:

    Wow… last stretch already?!! You’ve experienced and have seen so much! And yes! The hole in the “career” resume is more than equally compensated by the new and life-changing things now added to the resume of “life.” The “life” resume, is just as important, right? Thanks for inspiring me to work on that one too, Malia! Best of luck to you both, finish strong and savor the rest of your adverture!!

  2. cousin says:

    see you soon!!! have fun in new zealand… go to raglan and catch a super long wave for me!!! ill be there at the end of the year too!!!

  3. Kim says:

    I miss you guys like crazy and am sooooooo jealous of the next chapter. I’d be there if I could!

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