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the best way to spend a birthday…

pho in vietnam! yum!, originally uploaded by maliayosh.

… is in two countries in one day! =)

this year i woke up in cambodia and fell asleep in vietnam on my birthday, and i couldn’t be happier. we left phnom penh on a VIP bus (an actual VIP bus, with a bathroom and cold a/c and everything!) that took us all the way to ho chi min city (saigon).

we arrived in saigon in the early afternoon and checked into a great little guesthouse in the pham ngu lao area. we even had the luxuries of air conditioning (a wonderful treat in this heat!), hot water, and a tv! not to mention free breakfasts, free coffee, tea and fruit all day, and even free dinners too! madame cuc, the owner, scolded us last night when we said we were going out for dinner, and invited us to a lunch that she’s cooking today.. she told us to make sure we come hungry! she also apologized to me for not being prepared for my birthday – they usually give you a cake! i absolutely couldn’t believe the hospitality – i’m paying $7.50 a night! what a great introduction to vietnam.

later that evening, kariena and i went to check out a pho restaurant for dinner. that was my other birthday wish – to have a nice hot bowl of pho, the national dish of vietnam! as we sat down, brad and emily showed up with a bottle of wine and we had a lovely dinner together. i went to bed with a full heart and a full stomach! =)

thanks to everyone back home who sent birthday wishes too, i couldn’t help walking around with a goofy grin all day. this has definitely been one of the best birthdays yet!

…and if the picture of the pho above makes you hungry, you wouldn’t believe the amazing pho i’ve been sampling around the city! last night we ate pho at a little stand on the street that was excellent, and cost around $1US! today i tried a bowl at pho 2000 near the ben thanh market, which is famous for president clinton stopping by for a bowl of pho. so far, that was the best one i’d tried… the broth was extra meaty and delicious, with lots of fragrant basil, chilies, and lime on the side. yum!

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6 responses to “the best way to spend a birthday…”

  1. Todd says:

    Oh man making me hungry.

  2. John Pike says:

    Welcome to HCMC. Alan told me you had arrived. If you have a moment, please call me on my mobile 0908007866. I am in HCMC now but leaving for Hanoi tomorrow and Can Tho on Saturday. IK will get back late Sunday afternoon. It would be nice to catch up with you while you are in town.

    Best wishes,

    John Pike

  3. Mom says:

    Makes me hungry too….I think Todd and I will go out for some pho today!

  4. kim says:

    what a beautiful way to spend your birthday!

  5. Cousin says:

    man i wish i could have some… eh and what kine person from hawaii are you???? you spelt birthday wrong… its BIRFDAY!! happy birthday again mento!!!

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