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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

i’ve heard that dentists in thailand are very good and more importantly, very cheap! so i looked into getting my teeth cleaned while here in chiang mai, as i’ve been without insurance for quite awhile now and dental work back home is sooo expensive! my dentist had been telling me for months that i had a cavity forming between two of my upper molars, but without insurance it would have cost so much that i kept putting it off.

when we first got to chiang mai, i looked up dentists in jess’s lonely planet guide and came across dental 4 u, a clinic located close to where we were staying in chiang mai. then the other day, the guy that sold us our “burmese visa run” package had a mouthful of braces, so i asked what he’d heard of the place and he said it was one of the best. armed with this info, i headed over to book an appointment for this evening.

dental 4 u chiang mai
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who had money on day 2?

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

hey y’all… so we’re back in chiang mai. =) i say all bets are off though – even though we stayed only 2 days at the monastery, i think both of us definitely could have done all 10. but gee, its great to see who had faith in us! haha.

the night before we left for the monastery was fun – we had met such nice people at our cooking class that we planned to meet up with them for a drink later in the evening (but not too late cause we had to be at the monastery at 10am!) so we all went to a tapas bar called “the house” that is supposed to be a hot spot for local celebrities, although we had the place all to ourselves. cool ambience – floor pillows and cushions everywhere to sit and lounge on, and a cute little menu of tapas food. we met up with lawrence and toto (chefs from the philippines), candice and her boyfriend raj (from australia) and had some wine and cheese over lots of laughter, storytelling, and dancing! jess wasn’t feeling well so she hit the sack early and i had one more drink with the group at a little sidewalk bar (i’m using the term “bar” loosely here as its just a little stand with a couple of chairs set up on the street near our guest house) called the chillout bar. said our farewells and went to join jess in dreamland…

the next morning we got up early to head out to the monastery. the guesthouse’s driver got lost trying to find it for us, and ended up dropping us off at a wat a little up the road. after some difficulty trying to find the right place we arrived and were greeted by pra chaibordin, a thai monk who spoke some english, who checked us in and walked us through all the details.

the grounds of the monastery itself were beautiful… its a forest-like setting up in the hills with lots of trees and a temple and a chedi (pagoda) and areas to do outdoor meditation. our rooms were next to each other so we cleaned up a little bit then headed back to get oriented with the rest of the new group.
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chiang mai @ night

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
here's a video of what it's like to ride in a tuk-tuk (very bumpy!) and join us for a stroll through the chiang mai sunday night street market - jess ... [Continue reading this entry]

baan thai cooking school

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
check out jess's technique and our cute teacher kim:

here's a few pictures from our class - check out the flickr page (follow the link on the right side for ... [Continue reading this entry]

i heart chiang mai

Monday, January 28th, 2008
oh my goodness, i LOVE chiang mai! so far, i think this has been my favorite of the places we've been on this trip... we left bangkok last night on the VIP sleeper bus around 8:40pm, which was kind of fun. ... [Continue reading this entry]