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baan thai cooking school

check out jess’s technique and our cute teacher kim:

here’s a few pictures from our class – check out the flickr page (follow the link on the right side for “our pictures” for all of them!

jess and i @ the market
jess and i at the market

baan thai cookery school
our teacher, kim, explained the different types of ingredients

thai welcome snack
we got to try the “thai welcome snack” – a bunch of ingredients, wrapped up and eaten in a betelnut leaf

stir fried prawn w/ curry powder
our first dish: stir fried prawns w/ curry powder

i'm SO happy right now =)
i’m so proud – green papaya salad and spring rolls! (with a singha to wash it down!)

kim demonstrates yellow curry paste
kim demonstrated how to make the curry paste and we all took a turn to pound it into a smooth paste

chiang mai noodles (kao soy)
the curry paste went into a dish called khao soi, a local specialty of chiang mai

deep fried bananas w/ coconut ice cream
and our last creation was deep fried bananas, served with coconut ice cream. mmmmm!

we're soooo full!
we’re soooo full!

our class @ baan thai cookery school =)
bye bye, baan thai!

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2 responses to “baan thai cooking school”

  1. wisa says:

    I’m soooo going to make you cook for me when you get back!

  2. Kevin says:

    oh my goodness…the one thing (out of the many things) that Bulgaria DOES NOT have!!!! Aarrgh….belly just groaned! thanx a lot Malia….

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