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maui christmas, everyone!

it’s christmas eve and i’m home on maui. things here in makawao are soooo slow… just finished reading the beautiful and damned (my brother is a major f. scott fizgerald fan so i always steal from his library) and now i’ve the dilemma of what to do with the rest of my afternoon: nap? take muggsy out for a walk? listen to the rain falling through the gutters outside my window? hmmm… all very tempting but i’m constantly thinking about things for our trip, so my brain just won’t slow down to makawao-pace!

i purposely left my southeast asia guidebooks in honolulu (in futile hopes of finding some christmas-inspired maui zen), so instead i ended up spending the last few hours on the internet… researching places to stay in hong kong (still no decisions), luggage requirements for the airlines we’re flying (less is apparently more!), and what the weather will be like when we land (kinda chilly! i guess i will need some sweaters after all) haha. leave it to me to take the perfect peace and quiet of an afternoon in makawao – christmas eve, no less – and fill it with internet research. haha. god, i’m a dork.

i’m starting to realize that the suitcase i was planning to take is STILL too big… some airlines that we’ll be flying require that the total weight of each passenger’s luggage be under 44lbs! compared to the american airlines where you can get away with 70lbs, it seems crazy… i’ve always considered myself a pretty light packer, and the time i spent in europe cured me of ever wanting to take more than one bag (flashbacks of dragging my luggage up and down stairs in the paris metro haunt me to this day…) but still. 44lbs? total? are you serious? yikes. it’s going to require some serious thought for every “necessity” i was planning to bring, but i know i can get it down to just one small (carry-on, by U.S. standards) bag… plus, it’s not like we’ll be in the middle of nowhere, i’m sure i can buy whatever i find that i need…

ok enough travel planning. i think i’m ready to get back to makawao-time… that nap sounds good right about now. =)

muggsy says “merry christmas” too…
muggsy says

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  1. mom says:

    i like muggsy’s hat!

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